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    Considering that I can easily see myself playing any given class as I like them pretty much equally lore/rp/archetype wise it all comes down to mechanics. Never really had a "main-main" but rather a rooster of few characters that has grown over the ears/expansions to at least 1 of each class, so I swap from expansion to expansion to whatever I see fun to play at the moment/expansion. That Is that used to be the case... until BfA, where I hated all of them, and even Legion was a strech where there was pretty much one class that felt designed just right (imo ofc).
    And yeah, Can't really see a reason to stick to one character or even class across the expansions where so much changes between each

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    Vanilla: Did Not Play
    TBC: Paladin Tank
    Wrath: Paladin Tank / Ret
    Cata: Paladin Tank / Ret
    MoP: - Paladin Tank / Ret
    WoD: Warrior Tank / Galdiator
    Legion: Demo Lock - Frost Mage - Disc Priest
    BFA: Disc Priest - Demo Lock - Mage

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    I only switched once, from a holy pala to priest, at the start of cata. It was when they made all healers have the same basic setup with a cheap, fast and big heal. I though if all healers will be the same, might as well be the best class. Although to be fair, I've played other classes for extended times, but I never considered them my mains.

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    Yes, and mid expansion swaps too. Not due to fotm but because I get bored and want to swap things up.

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    No, i don't feel i can. Too much effort put into grinding almost all Reputation to exalted. Until they make that account wide i am afraid i will stick to my only main.

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    Unfortunatly yes.

    Blizzard changes classes so drastically it doesnt feel the same anymore.

    Paladin vanilla to Wrath
    Warrior in cata
    Mop skipped
    Hunter in wod
    Warrior in legion
    Ret in bfa (other 2 specs suck gameplay wise imo)

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    TBC: Warrior
    Wotlk: Rogue & Warrior
    Cata: Rogue
    MoP: Warrior
    WoD: Warrior
    Legion: Warrior
    BFA: Warrior

    Gonna play Warrior in Shadowlands as well
    Human male Warrior since the TBC.

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    I've played the same main since WotLK (priest)
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    No I don’t typically change mains as much as take a break from it. Paladin since end of tbc. Too much invested in him to stop for good

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    Main forsaken rogue (see sig), but I swapped briefly to monk for guild raid tanking in MoP, still finished the expansion (and my legendary cloak) as rogue. After that, I've leveled new characters, but Ed's my main through and through.

    For brevity, I do currently have one of each core race at 120 for heritage armor, plus a couple allied.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grumpy Old Man View Post
    I've played the same main since WotLK (priest)
    It makes me happy to see other players have played the same character for over 10 years.

    I'm still playing the same Shaman I made TBC launch day. During Wrath I leveled a DK and a Rogue to help with specific fights in ICC, then leveled some other characters with the intent of swapping mains but I keep going back to the Shaman.

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    Vanilla: Didn't really play enough to have a main
    TBC: Druid
    WotLK: Druid
    Cata: Druid
    MoP: Druid
    WoD: Druid
    Legion: Druid
    BfA: Druid
    ShaLa: Druid
    Fact (because I say so): TBC > Cata > Legion > MoP > BfA > WoD = WotLK

    My pet collection -->

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    Never actually swapped main, whenever I wanted to return to Raiding I always picked the same priest I played since vanilla MC. Even always stubbornly played Holy-Only, which hurt me the most in Cata, trying holy in 10mans and failing with the annoying chakra which was horrible for 10mans. Too attached to my char to ever main another though

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    I've changed mains numerous times. I also have alts that I've never mained but have loads of playtime on them. It's whatever is most fun to me.

    Early TBC to Ulduar: Hunter
    Ulduar to ToT: Mage
    ToT to late WoD: Hunter
    Late WoD through Legion: Monk
    BFA: Started as Mage, quit 3 weeks in. I've played sporadically since then, mostly rogue.

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    Vanilla: Dwarf Holy Pally
    TBC: Dwarf Holy Pally > BE Holy Pally
    WOTLK: Orc Frost DK
    Cataclysm: Tauren Holy Pally
    MoP: Tauren Holy Pally
    WoD: Tauren Holy Pally > Dwarf Holy Pally
    Legion : Dwarf Holy Pally
    BFA: Dwarf Holy Pally > Dark Iron Dwarf Holy Pally > Zandalari Troll Holy Pally

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    Vanilla: Warrior
    TBC: Warrior, later warlock
    WotLK: Warlock
    [Lost my old account in mid-Wrath, so I had to start a new one]
    Mid-WotLK: Paladin
    Cata: Paladin
    MoP: Warrior, warlock
    WoD: Warrior
    Legion: Paladin
    BfA: Paladin

    Paladin will probably be my main in Shadowlands too.
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    I switch my main every couple of months; I have chars of all classes above 100 on both factions so it doesn't take long to level one to max. I don't usually know what char to start an expansion with until it is out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardourdan View Post
    Vanilla: Elemental Shaman
    TBC: Elemental Shaman
    Wotlk: Elemental Shaman
    Cata: Elemental Shaman
    MoP: Elemental Shaman
    WoD: Elemental Shaman
    Legion: Elemental Shaman
    BfA: Elemental Shaman
    Shadowlands: I'm sure you can guess!

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    Nearby, preventing you from fast traveling.
    Cata: DK (4.0-4.2) Warlock/Paladin (4.3)
    MoP: Paladin
    WoD: Warrior (6.0-6.2) Paladin (6.2)
    Legion: Paladin
    BfA Paladin.

    Nope, not really. Circumstance sometimes makes me temporarily swap mains (Couldn't log on my paladin during the WoD release, so had to play my warrior on a low pop server) but I always end up back with my Paladin.

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    I've stuck with my DK through good and bad, mostly bad, ever since Wrath.

    Although sometimes I hate what Blizzard does to the class I have invested so much time and effort into her that I just can't bring myself to mainswap.

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