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    Funniest PvP moments?

    As the title says. I remember back in TBC I was playing in WSG and sometimes if someone died while they were running and jumping, their character would keep bouncing forward after death. The funniest time was when it happened to an FC and the flag stuck to their body when they kept bouncing. Our team had to chase the dead FC across the map just to return the flag.

    Another example was the time in Twin Peaks when I thought I'd be a badass and try to levitate down onto the EFC from on top of the high point near the entrance to our base, as the EFC was leaving our base out the side. I ended up being too high and completely flying right over their head. Normally I would just cancel my aura, but I noticed how far off I was and started laughing uncontrollably, and didn't notice I was flying into that empty space on the side of the map.

    So what is the funniest thing you've seen in PvP?
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