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    If priests stay as good as they are now I am def considering a swap. After being a hunter for so many expansions it might be fun to be a caster.

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    I went try hard nerd at work the other day and made a Spreadsheet with all the classes and a point system by which i rate them. I normally main a tank (can play any, no issue), but my guild is so overfull with them, and have been for the last expansion in a half that DPS is the most required role for us. I have not mained a DPS since Wrath so its all up in the air.

    Right now i have every class at 120, working on gearing them at least through Normal EP, that way i can get a feel for them all, and make my choice. Right now i am leaning Lock but not sure, still have a few classes to gear. I want to be ranged most likely as i have never mained a range character.
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    sticking with my shaman, as always. Spec kind of depends on the changes but I'll likely stick with enhancement.
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    if my classic guild starts doing retail, then i'd probably roll zandalari troll druid cuz those forms are awesome. and some of them haven't played in a long while while i've been semi active and still get how most of the classes play so druid would be most versatile to help them get back into modern wow
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    I'm Fury Warrior since day one and I ain't changing

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    I dont want a new main i want my current one to be fucking fixed.

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    I'll keep my DH, it's hard to leave a swift and fast class.

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    Main hunter since i started.
    Hunter forever.

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    Forsaken Rogue = Bastion (preferred) or Maldraxxus (if it's too good to pass up).
    Worgen Druid = Ardenweald
    Tauren Death Knight = Revendreth
    Either Zandalari Paladin Bastion or forsaken mage Maldraxxus, depending on where I went with my rogue.

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    How would anyone know? We literally know nothing about the classes in Shadowlands and the expansion will at least still take a year until it is out.

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    I mean as always i change my main Depending on what is the most "fun" But if nothing changes DH.
    but, I have been eyeing my paladin

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    Been playing tauren warrior since day 1. But I really want to try a ranged class. Not a hunter tho. I dont know they feel not cool. for me. But I am so afraid of losing my top dps spot in raids. With the korraks revenge event, i decided to level many alts finally but no idea which caster is the top dps.

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    Would main if tinker was a thing, would main if necromancer was a thing, WOULD main if survival ranged spec hunter was a thing. Otherwise, i don't see myself coming back to this xpac cuz it is more likely a grand scheme grab cash money.

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    My main was decided when I first opened the game in 2009, and that main is a warrior.

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    Maining a warrior right now but leveled a druid and might honestly change in SL, or even after I get her some gear. Balance lazors is fun, Resto is a great heal spec, Bare iz 4 tank. Cat iz 4 fite.

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    Until we see talent trees...

    D4 Druid

    Also contingent upon which faction traits work best with which class / specs for the content I play those classes for, and to a lesser extent, what the armor set per armor type per faction will be.

    Alts are going to be a clusterfuck in Shadowlands -- thankfully you only play through the factions questing once, alts can choose right off.
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    I'll remain a filthy demon hunter

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    Probably my VE Hunter, who becmae my main in BFA when i grew utterly bored of my Paladin. Who had been my main since I started back in TBC.

    Horde side, probably my Troll Warrior, or the Mag'har orc I started to level up before stopping my sub.

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