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Larger Post of wishlist/predictions with 9.0
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^^ In case anybody wants to follow my logic from the beginning.

Okay, I wanted to break this discussion away from the general thread to get a more focused stream of thought going. Please consider these my hopes for 9.0, so you don't have to feel obligated to outright say it won't happen. Instead, consider it a thought experiment.

Class skins could be the next evolution of allied races. The idea being, you can change the look and feel of the class without changing the gameplay, which means 1) less balancing work and 2) more variety without piling on new systems/mechanics. Sounds to me like an easy choice to add in place of building an entirely new class.

Where's that leave us? Well, the most extreme example I can give is the tinker as a class skin (again, bear with me here, no pun intended). What can we agree they do?
  1. various mechanical options they can switch between on a whim.
  2. uses melee or ranged weapons both in and out of their suits.
  3. feels like they have either not enough reason to be a class (engineers) or too much stuff they want to accomplish for a new class.

Answer? Make them a druid class skin. This does not mean they are a druid or are unlocked by druids. Only the gameplay is the same.

I gave some links on how they could be implemented above, so I won't rehash that here. But, I will say that with them locked behind scenarios as a class skin, they could be implemented alongside death content because we're in search of new allies to combat the Shadowlands.

Instead, I want to consider other class skins: Starting with the softball option, the necromancer.

This class skin would be based on the warlock class, with emphasis pet summoning via their unholy tree (reskinned demonology), affliction, and shadow (destruction). There would be 2-3 different scenarios available for characters to go through to unlock them. After unlocking, you can still do the others to get additional, special transmog options, alternate undead choices (glyphs) or an awesome weapon.

This class skin would be inspired by the death knight class (hence the "fire weapon" that could later be re-labeled as dragonsworn). They would have bronze (reskinned frost, using time to slow enemies and drain/age them), blue (unholy, gets an arcane elemental companion), and red (blood, tank, gains life). IF the fire spec death knight does happen, it would open up the option for black, using reskinned options as earth-based magic for however that spec functions.

Dark Ranger
This would be the most obvious ranger port, with an assassination spec (in name only, reskinned marksman), shadow (survival, with Sylvanas' recent use of melee weapons in several instances, including cinematics), and unholy (beastmaster, can charm undead and use them as pets).

This could be one of two things, though I'm leaning toward the first, since they could potentially function as tanks.
1) Class skin based on demon hunter, with a vengeance spec and a retribution spec (reskinned havoc). They wear the traditional armor, can float with their cloaks, and their "metamorphosis" would just make them harder to hit, no actual transformation. Maybe their metamorphosis is them splitting into different versions, or getting the green, protective bubble around them we've seen in a few cases.

2) Alternatively, class skin is based on rogue, with retribution (assassination), subtlety, and fury (reskinned outlaw). Instead of shooting guns, they throw their chakram, and instead of poison, they enchant their blade with temporary powers they use to capture and jail their foes.

I'll see if I can think of more between now and 2pm EST. Anybody else got ideas building on this concept?

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A reskinned warrior, but with mage flavor. Protection spec that uses wards in place of shouts, and shields/single warglaive. Arcane spec (reskinned fury) dual-wields warglaives. Retribution spec (reskinned arms) that uses 2h swords/axes/polearms.

Assuming warden is based on demon hunter, that opens up rogue for blademaster. Subtlety spec, fire (reskinned assassination), and arms (reskinned outlaw). Poisons not replaced, but some reskinned as fire for damage purposes. subtelty and arms dual wield, but fire wields 2h swords to the same general effect. Their mastery is burning blade...

I'm drawing a blank on priest, although the lich concept from one of the "leaks" might be a possibility... Monk/paladin as well are a bit harder to grock. Shaman I see floating around here proposed as dark shaman, but is that enough of a change? It feels like the maghar orc/dark iron dwarf equivalent for allied races. It's identical, but it's powers are "dark and foreboding."

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Getting back to the tinker class skin idea, I was thinking of the argument that they wouldn't have content from Legion. If we play on the alternate timelines idea, they technically could be there as of the new expansion, with a class hall located in Mechagon (like paladins in Eastern Plaguelands). Maybe even a "cleaned out" version of their dungeon.

Necromancers would go to the death knight area or icecrown, dragonsworn to paladin or Grim Batol, wardens would get their own using their dungeon from Legion, dark ranger to hunter, spellbreaker to mage, and blademaster to warrior. Their artifacts would be what you can also unlock by doing the rest of the opening scenarios once they're already unlocked.

That would also cover the Legion content levels 20-60, rolling back to my first post about leveling content introduced in patches to bring continents up to speed with the expac over time.