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  • Very dissapinted, no new class or proper races

    246 21.30%
  • Dissapointed, only few new zones and no much at all

    178 15.41%
  • Pleased, looks filler but its WoW

    208 18.01%
  • Excited, looks like the best expac ever

    415 35.93%
  • I don´t care, I gave up on Blizzard already

    108 9.35%
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    Crappy thread with awful poll options, but I will reply just to say that I'm going to wait until I see class design before I judge the expansion. Story-wise it seems great.

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    Cool, but ppl move on. Natural order of things. All things must end, and after, WoW will still be remembered as an epic ride.
    Blizzard's provided me with thousands of hours of entertainment.
    I'll stick it out to the end.

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    Trailer was hot garbage. Dev Waifu Sylvie strolls through another encounter completely unscathed. YAWN

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    Field Marshal keelr's Avatar
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    100% not disappointed

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    I am actually surprised that this whole Shadowlands leaks was actually true... or at least some of them were?

    However this looks so stupid and fuck Sylvanas honestly.

    I'm still gonna play it though, because I am addicted to this game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teph View Post
    Killed the Lich King without even struggling. Nice writing Blizzard.
    This. I might love the new xpac, no idea yet. Just disappointed Sylvanas was able to make Bolvar her little bitch so easily. He couldn't even wound her, couldn't even touch her. We didn't really know how strong (or weak) Bolvar really was, but as a DK main for years, you kinda hoped he was the badass you had pictured in your mind. I mean, if he's that much of a pushover, how much of a weakling are player DK's? Just...oof. Don't know what else to say.

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    I don´t care, I gave up on Blizzard already

    That being said, I would be open to buying the game if they reverse course on their hatred for Flying, and seriously re-work / eliminate pathfinder.

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    Bolvar got Worf'd, for sure. I'm honestly surprised she broke the helmet though, but apparently they made it into a Deus Ex Machina to open a permanent(?) gateway to the Shadowlands.

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    As somebody who is mainly interested in lore of this universe, I am fairly disappointed with butchery of ultimate concept and idea behind the Lich King. They surpassed any expectation I've set on how wild they can go and ruin something that was perfect. More and more am I getting the vibes of the infamous "D&D" of "Game of Thrones", where main plot logic used when creating a story is to subvert expectations.

    In this expansion, and overall expansion of lore in general, they've managed to ruin the concept behind Lich King from "Kil'jaeden had enough of abusing Ner'zhul in the Nether, so he cast him on the frozen roof of Azeroth where he'd serve as a pawn and weaken the world's defenses, thus creating the Lich King" to "when Ner'zhul landed on the frozen roof of the world, he squashed the previous Lich King and thus paved a way of succession for himself to take the mantle of a master Necromancer."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendragon View Post
    Crappy thread with awful poll options
    Yup, this place is quite the cesspool.

    I'm pretty stoked story-wise as well. Some of the new game concepts sound neat as well. I'm mostly optimistic since I didn't hate class design in BfA but agree it needs work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvaliz View Post
    I've been saying... game's gone into maintenance mode since Legion. Get used to it! ;P
    Sadly I think you're right. This all just smacks of the same annual reskinned release of other AAA titles: Madden, Call of Duty, etc. Same game with a reskin, released once a year with extremely minor changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishcraft0 View Post
    True, give you that. But one man can't fight two fronts Wanna help? We can be buddies.
    Or you could just not be a hypocrite.
    "Auto-correct is my worst enema."

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    The Trailer not so much but everything else is pure GOLD. I love it.

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    I'm kinda hyped for the shadowlands , just don't quite like how it was delivered . Sorta wanted blizz to take a break with sylvanas after she fled orgrimmar , but it seems like we 'll be chasing her down in this new plane of reality or whatever this is , sorta makes me wonder what her bfa strategy before saurfang duel was with the war and everything when it seems she is powerful enough to go kill nzoth death and titans on her own .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldielocks View Post
    I was hyped until Bolvar was fucked over to prop up Sylvanas. Man fuck that shit.
    Yeah, what a joke. Sylvanas strolls in and fucks him up like it's nothing, poor... Cinematic team, hell of a job, though. Shame the content sucked.

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    Can't really say before the panel at 22:30, but atm I'm really skeptical. I set my expectations too high after a meh expansion lasting nearly 2 years. Personally I was really hoping for a world revamp establishing a bunch of new story, which would be perfect during peace times. The story just keeps going and going even though there shouldn't be much more to reach after Legion and now N'Zoth. Starting over in a way could feel good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tomatketchup View Post
    Why yes, Blizz sure is a bunch of happy fellas!

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    None of your answers. My answer is, "Very disappointed, because they inexplicably retconned a piece of shit nobody like Sylvanas into an untouchable god of the entire universe overnight. That bitch should have been permanently destroyed at the end of BfA."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wishcraft0 View Post
    How can you say that based on your opinion? Are you a licensed critic? doubt.
    Everyone's a critic. Why is this new child?
    @Thread.. I'm not really looking forward to it. Beyond the insane level squish which won't do anything to make levels easier the zones look rather bland & I don't really see how the story could be any good as they're retconning so much of it.

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    I rolled my eyes when Sylvanas started narrating the cinematic. I can't wait for that character to be gone forever.

    Art by draken4o

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    Cannot be disappointed as I have no idea what's in store for us.
    We've only seen the reveal trailer, I'm pretty sure we'll get more info in the panels to come and that's when I'll make up my mind

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