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    The Heroic Edition ($59.99) includes the expansion; a level-120 character boost
    Current max-level characters will begin Shadowlands at level 50 and work toward the new level cap of 60.
    Why even bother with the boost if theyre just gonna remove levels anyways lol

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    no physical collector's box? which is it if it is? Epic Edition?

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    So if Bolvar raises people from the dead then it's fine and he's a hero for it?? lol

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    This reads like fanfiction, but i guess they finally exhausted the rts lore so theres going to be some dissonance here. But its hard not to get the same vibe i got when stuff like Stargate finished off all their villains and tried to introduce a new power tier out of nowhere. Apocalypse fatigue is a real deal and this aint a show you throw on now and then this is a monthly sub that looks like its story is coming from the school of "uhhhh, fuck, i dunno, bigger lich king?"

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    Features look fairly good. I still badly want faction boundaries removed and play with my friends regardless of faction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meowfurion View Post
    Nothing drops the souls yet. Has anyone gotten any souls to drop for the new vestments transmog quest?
    Let me know if you find out where they drop lol.

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    At least they are finally offering a version of the expansion to buy without a level boost for cheaper. I'd been waiting for that for the past two expansions. I have no interest in a level boost (haven't even bothered to use the ones from Legion or BfA), so it was wasted money for me

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    im super hyped, but gotta say bolvar was a push-over.

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    Still waiting for that dance studio...

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    So if Bolvar raises people from the dead then it's fine and he's a hero for it?? lol
    hes not raising them, he controls them, preventing the zombies from running rampant across azeroth.
    which is why someone had to put on the helmet.. now that the helm is destroyed, guess what those zombies gonna do.

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    I like that they're gonna make leveling meaningful again. Or at least attempt to make it so. I have a reasonable fear that they're gonna fail.

    I also really like that they made a cheaper version with just the base game. That's really good, since expansions were getting too expensive. I don't want to pay extra for mounts, level boost, or transmog stuff - so yeah, nice.

    On a sidenote...can't get over how ridiculously bad BFA has been. Just something like Warfronts had so much potential if they'd done it right as a PVP-thing. You have a horde vs alliance expansion and you don't even introduce new GOOD pvp systems? And what a massive hype-letdown Azshara and N'zoth turned out to be.
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    Anyone else think the Eternal Travelers armor looks like a set from SWTOR?

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    So we have no new class, no new race, basically nothing new but that "ever changing" dungeon that you can play with 1-5 people, and factions choice for new skills. A bit bland imo.

    So having a solo dungeon sounds nice, having it randomly generate (did they lend some devs from the Diablo team?) sounds like it could be a little less boring than grinding the same dungeon over and over. However: if an MMO introduces solo content as a new feature you know something went heavily wrong with the community.

    Binding new skills to factions sounds good, it gives a good replay value for those chars, however there will be min-maxers complaining about not having the perfect skills all the time. So either Blizzard will include an easy "respec" feature that will make the choice obsolete, or the group searching will become even worse ("looking for tank with faction a, don't even apply if you are from faction b or c"). Because silly people will be silly.

    On top there will be some grind mechanic as we had in Legion/BfA to keep the hamster wheel rolling, a level squish (which was already made public), and a "meaningful leveling experience" which most likely just means that you now get a new skill or talent on every level instead of ever 5-10 levels.

    All in all: the art team seems to have done a great job again, the rest of the team not so much. My hype-o-meter is even lower than with BfA, and this might be the first expansion I am not going to buy after 15 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3DTyrant View Post
    How would Lightforged Draenei DKs work though? Lore wise I mean.
    "Lightforged dies"

    Bolver Raises the lightforged.

    You are now a Death knight.

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    Seems really...boring, sadly. The zones and story sound really generic, pointless, and just uninteresting. Also I expected the shadowlands to have more ummmm shadows? I know that's just one zone but it looks lame as hell and they probably should have leaned a bit more heavily on the actual themes they are trying to present.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beepediboop View Post
    Let me know if you find out where they drop lol.
    I have five. They are not guaranteed drops. I got them from humans in Vol'dun as Horde. I quit because they stopped dropping.

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    What is going on? I was hoping there would be a level crunch? Is max lvl 60 with a lvl 120 boost?

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    So no physical collectors edition? Nothing new except some zones? Glad I quit already. Only thing good so far is D4.

    lol $120 for a digital epic edition because it has a transmog? haha. Welcome to appearance purchases and a new chinese way to play your MMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malum View Post
    So no physical collectors edition? Nothing new except some zones? Glad I quit already. Only thing good so far is D4.
    They never announce the physical CE at Blizzcon. They announce that closer to launch.

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    Just a friendly reminder that only economically illiterate people pre-order digital games. You’re just giving Blizzard an interest-free loan.

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