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    Quote Originally Posted by Edge- View Post
    This is good and bad.

    Good, because he's very good at what he does.

    Bad, because given his reputation and what we know of Blizzard internal, it speaks to potential problems with development.

    At the end of the day though, RIP necks in D4. Just gonna be head and shoulders. This post sponsored by Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo.

    I look at the other side though. It's not a mystery Blizzard has lost many of the major people in the company and the ones left are not really good at leading the projects.

    D4 is both in very early development and the company realizes that they cannot afford to miss this - so they hire the best around to make sure things are done properly this time.

    The key here is that D4 hasn't been cooking for much and we will have years to wait. 2022 is the most likely window but i expect it even later. So don't see problems in development when development is still starting.
    I don't see any "let's push this out of the window" thing. Anyway given latest records i'm not sure about anything anymore.
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    I doubt they will post any release date after Reforged.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nevcairiel View Post
    If you are suggesting to take my Night Elfs Shadowmeld away, then please find some pike to run yourself through, tyvm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matrix123mko View Post
    I doubt they will post any release date after Reforged.
    Agree with this and want to reinforce it with a few points

    Reforged is actually incredibly bizarre. Announcing a placeholder (31/12/19) which they then miss and launch a late & unready version (likely 2 months early).

    As for Diablo 4, they will be incredibly about this IP. They've already de-prioritised anything new with Starcraft, Warcraft is basically fully utilised with WoW (both versions), HS and WC3R and OW currently looking a bit dull/unsure of its future growth.

    This leaves the Diablo universe as being critical to Blizzards future growth using existing IP. They're going into the mobile area which is no surprise given how massive and profitable that market is - that transfer hurt them a lot though (see: BlizzCon '18) and they've not yet seen if that move is going to be good. It's not a given that the IP value will transfer into the mobile network who will mostly not care/know about Diablo Universe. They will want to however, be able to get players working across all platforms (Console/Mobile/PC) and critical to this would be a positive PC installation.

    Otherwise Diablo might end up relegated to a console/mobile franchise and new IP developed for PC...

    So long story short they will be fighting very hard against having a release date until they feel like they can confidently set one. The success of WoW: Classic (I told you so) along with the latest COD:MW game and COD mobile game leaves Activision Blizzard probably helping reduce any pressure on going toosoon.
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    Regardless of how the game turns out, who they bring in and what they do, then please for the love of god, just don't pre-order.

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    Hopefully many people will stop preordering stuff after W3 Refunded fiasco and all previous Bli$$ard scammy moves.
    Guys - do not be fool anymore and do not let them take your money for unfulfiled promises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pogacsa View Post
    Diablo 3 was released 4 years after the announcement. Since they had more artwork than actual in-game stuff i guess it will be around 4 years again which is a little said since it looked quite a nice craftsmanship but nothing revolutionary. Your guess?

    (edit: wanted to do a poll but couldn't fine the option for it. Yeah i'm bad)
    Depends if we are talking about Diablo 4, then I'd say 2023 or 2024.

    If we are talking about
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Do you guys not have phones?
    then latest statement is beta some time "early 2020".. and then we don't talk more about that one..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyndion View Post
    There are extremely real problems with D4's development. They showed a re-textured d3 at Blizzcon. Every skeleton/animation was the same, down to the chickens running on the ground.

    Even with "Fixer" I'd expect a rushed game.
    I'd actually be fine with the game being basically a D3 with new textures graphically. Models/animations were never the problem of D3. It was everything else.

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    2022 maybe.

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    If it takes until 2030 I don't care we just want D2 with new graphics just give us D2 remastered that is actually remastered no one cares about the story so don't waste time with it make gameplay and the talent trees and loot like in D2 where you could get points towards a particular talent. Just release the game with D2 and the xpac rolled into each other so we get Druid and Assassin and we will be happy. We just wanted D2 with better graphics and we got D3 so maybe it needs to skip a game to be good?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgreenthump View Post
    I'd actually be fine with the game being basically a D3 with new textures graphically. Models/animations were never the problem of D3. It was everything else.
    Kinda agree. D3 gameplay and combat flow was really good, models are awful. And everything is too saturated. Both things that look clearly improved with the new one.
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