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    No, it's working as intended - some players quit, some players stick to their mini-communities, some players got what they wanted from dungeons and can't be bothered doing them again; I hope you wasn't thinking that spamming "LFG" for hours was just a funny meme?

    I mean, on Chromie it's not hard to find a group, but LFG channel is more often full of people shitting on each other, than those who are looking for group. Spamming city or /w'ing random players still works. But i prefer doing dungeons with guildmates. Too bad that most of them haven't logged in for weeks after dinging 60
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    On our realm many groups going and plenty of Allies for PvP on the way. Never a dull moment until you get ganked 4x at BRM.

    That place is a skeleton fest everytime I go there.

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    They may merge server once things slow down.
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    You will probably see some migrations from PvP -> PvE when p2 hits. Ganking is harsh even now, and it will get worse.
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    Tbf, there's istill a huge amount of committed casual's who haven't reach 60 yet.
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    They will need to add special feature if they want to save this shit. Like a LFD tools for servers.
    If you don't have a bunch of friends or IRL friend you're going to stall at level 30.
    One toon I cand finf shit for Scarlet and the other toon on another servers can't find shit for Waling fucking Cavern in the past three days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eugenik View Post
    They may merge server once things slow down.
    i think they will save that for a very very last resort (if at all), more likely they will just keep offering free transfers, just from dead/low to medium pop realms. and they won't do that until the periodic resurgence in players from new phases/new content starts to fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinastorm View Post
    Must suck to have to choose between getting ganked, and having enough people to play with.

    I play on NA pve (mankrik) plenty of action on there.
    The only irritating time is trying to get in BRD/UBRS (done with both on both chars) and having 10 to 20 horde waiting to kill 1 or 2 ally. However in 5 days I'll be the hunter and pvp server will be a great place to be.

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    on my server crap flys by so fast on lfm/world you can hardly keep up/ guess you should have played on a pvp server instead of cucking yourself with the other 12 year olds

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    I'm sure at some point they'll enable server transfers, so you'll either have to wait til then or create a new toon on a more populated realm. I knew this was going to be a thing going into classic, so I stuck it out on Whitemane and refused to transfer. While it sucked early on when I wasn't able to logon due to high queues, I know a year from now there will still be a large community compared to the medium/low pop realms.
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    Meanwhile Mankrik Horde Side (US PVE EST server) has things popping off all the time
    We're all newbs, some are just more newbier than others.

    Just a burned out hardcore raider turned casual.
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    more phases is all pve needs, I've said it before but I would have preferred waiting for p4 but alas i jumped in with my bro and we levelled to 60 in an aim to raid again, but mainly because right now ppl get left out, not me because i'm tanking or my bro because hes healing but, once we have zg then aq20, ppl that don't get to join the 40s, can still get a spot in the 20s. imo that is the point where the game will feel more inclusive and will reach a point where there are reasons to log in multiple times a week. right now there is no 20, so anyone who doesn't get to join mc and ony, also doesn't get to raid at all that week unless they try to pug bleh.

    its difficult to hold onto players if they don't get to raid. most ppl I think don't mind standing out, but its very easy to find yourself getting passed up in a guild, when you need a pool of players that is greater than 40. basically it just feels better if ppl get to run SOMETHING that week if they didn't get into the main raid. better chance of actually holding onto ppl if they get to run something.
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    Honestly, my experience on my realm was pretty dead as well. Granted i chose alliance side stalagg which was already bad then blizzard opened transfers to heartseeker and im pretty sure a ton of alliance bailed making the issue even worse. The realm feels completely dead when i play (which i grant, isnt exactly peak time but i struggled to find dps for my 5 mans while i was still actively playing).

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    There are still lots of people not even lvl 60 yet. I barely finished not even a week ago. That said I'm on Myzrael and am finding no shortages of groups even on Alliance side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shockzalot View Post
    I play on Netherwind US and it's pretty much dead. Even in the peak hours LFG moves rather slowly and lower level dungeons are difficult to find, a lot of max level dungeons are the same way. BRD seems to be the most popular, anything outside of that and it's good luck.
    Yeah my server is dead at this point. They either need to do transfers to my server or just turn paid transfers on and deal with the dead server / super server situation like retail. At this point I don't have many reasons to login to Classic anymore and honestly I'll probably just stop playing soon. Alternatively Blizzard could keep getting their $15 from me and another $25 on top of it.
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    So one post on this forum has people complaining EU servers are still layered. Then the same people come in here saying the realms are completely dead. Which is it? Or is whatever thread your in you just take the anti-something side even if you contradict your self a few posts down.

    But true be told PVE realms kind of have a reputation of being dead pretty fast in the PR world. Apparently that may be translating over. The whole second phase pretty much hovers around it. So its going to be not much a nada phase. Probably was something that was easy to see coming.

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