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    What do you want for Christmas?

    What do you want for Christmas?

    Samsung - 65" Class - LED - Q70 Series - 2160p - Smart - 4K UHD TV with HDR

    I am looking to replace my main TV a

    Samsung TV Model un46c6500vfxza 2011

    had the one I have now for 10 years not much else I want, kind of debating on waiting for 8k

    How about YOU what do you want for Christmas?
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    Probably a new strong GPU. I want to hook up 3 monitors so that i can do some stock investments online as a job. My current GPU only supports 1 monitor and it's weak + old.

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    Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts movie set. I need to stop renting these damn movies.
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    Material things, a function generator and a bench top power supply.

    I would he happy though with a date with a nurse up on fourth floor in the hospital I work at
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    Ignoring fancy electronics

    A temari ball set or more lolita dresses/accessories. I've been thinking of starting temari embroidery, since I think it's really beautiful. Or a starting kit for silk painting? That's something I'm interested in as well.
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    Christmas stopped being about me when I turned 20, I am 37 and I use Christmas as a time to give back to those that gave me stuff all those years. My nan, sister, brother, mum and dad especially. Also my niece and nephew get spoiled by me

    I never aks for anything, but that doesnt stop people from getting me stuff. I am just happy to have family around at Chstimas and bask in that Christmas feel
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    Maybe some wireless earbuds. Or new running shoes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by City Pop View Post
    Maybe some wireless earbuds. Or new running shoes.
    I recommend these. I've tried these and the jabra ones and these sound much better and are much more comfortable in my ears.
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    I wouldn't bother waiting for 8k; there is no content to match the resolution in the near future and there are some great deals on 4K 55-65" TVs atm.

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    Nothing really. Just this week I got myself a new winter jacket, a kind I've wanted for a long while. Couple weeks before that new winter shoes.
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    Nothing really. Some peace and quiet. The office usually closes for a couple of weeks so I have a chance to relax before the craziness of work starts again in January.

    I’m trying to spend less money generally, and particularly on material things. Trying to focus more on experiences and things that have special meaning. I still have my indulgences like food and watches but trying to be good about that.

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    A scratch-off ticket that wins a million dollars. I always joke about this with family members, because one tradition we've had the last few years is buying each other those cheap $10 scratch-off tickets for Christmas as a kind of "stocking stuffer" thing. So far, $50 is the best anyone has won off that. Considering the odds, we do this more 4 teh lulz than for actually expecting to win the top prize, but hey. $1M (or even a tenth of that) would be nice. So far, $50 is the best anyone has won over the last couple of years that we've been doing it.

    But to be serious....I dunno. I'm pretty indecisive there. I could use a second monitor for my gaming rig, even if it's a cheaper/lower quality one than my main one. My rig could easily handle dual monitors, but I've never gotten around to adding a second one.

    I always tell people they can't go wrong with Steam gift cards. Those always go well with Christmas sales. I got a $50 one last year and cleared out a nice chunk of my wishlist. Although I'm currently at the point where I have a pretty big game backlog and don't really need to add more to it, so I don't think I'd want to ask for that this year.

    Quote Originally Posted by Combatbulter View Post
    Peace and Quiet
    This too. I still have some paid vacation time that I haven't used this year and am going to see if I can at least take off the week of Christmas. A week where nobody from work bothers me would be pretty amazing.
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    My two front teeth

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    A joyful Christmas Eve with friends and loved ones followed by a festive first Christmas day and finally a relaxing second Christmas day where the only complaints might be a slight hangover or having gained too much weight.

    Material gifts, the older i get the less need and wants i have, aka i am rather cheap to buy gifts for if we even decide to buy gifts for the older family members or secret santa among friends.

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    Snow, the family and ALL the lit tea candles in pretty holders!
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    Money, cause I just wait for stuff I want to go on sale most of the time.
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    I would like to get a kitchen prep table. Though I may not get the table as a Christmas gift exactly as my family doesn't celebrate Christmas as a big holiday. Half my family is Jewish and don't care about Christmas too much. However, my husband and I usually get a couple of nice gifts for each other and the kids as just a general "Holiday" or seasonal gift.

    More likely to receive wine, chocolates or some practical clothing like winter gloves or a scarf from my coworkers and friends. I could really use that prep table in my kitchen, however.

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