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    Does it though? Many classes have Resources that don't really affect things that much. Wrath Ret was one of the funnest times in the game for me. Holy Power basically killed a lot of the fun and flow of Paladin.
    Are you sure it's not the fact that ICC Ret was OP?
    Hail Lilith and see you in Hell!

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    What's wrong with holy power?
    Mother pus bucket!

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    Divine plea would be super awesome

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    What's wrong with holy power?
    I think it's because you can't really play ret paladin like a hybrid anymore gameplay wise.Its either burst dam or heals.

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    Aegis of Light that is currently a prot talent makes no sense. In the end of the day why would a tank use a channeled spell .... It fits the class fantasy quite well though so i would expect it to be shared with other specs of the class (i got ret in mind obviously).

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    Are you sure it's not the fact that ICC Ret was OP?
    ICC Ret was probably my 2nd favorite iteration (and a portion of that was definitely how strong it was, top 20 US raider at the time). WoD was by far the most fun for me, despite it's inconsistency. ICC or Legion was probably second though.

    My enjoyment tends to revolve around the impact and frequency of Divine Storms. Wake of Ashes and Blade of Justice being the other 2 key elements I like (one for its mechanics, the latter for its aesthetic, FFT ayyy).

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