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    Oh, the irony. Kojima himself stated that Death Stranding was...


    It's irony because Kojima approach is neither new or original : any cultural work have ''politics'' in it if this is above the plot level of a documentary on mating rituals amongst gophers.

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    The political divide and how disconnected we are growing from eachother is a pretty good theme though, to be honest.

    So I think your opinion is, frankly, [ Click here to read more! You won't believe it! Doctors hate him! ]

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    There is a death stranding mega thread if you really wanted to post this, not really worth it's on thread and I'm not even sure what your point is. That Kojima is political? Ummm no shit? Ever played MGS?

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    Nice click bait on the title.

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    Not getting the irony????
    I have a fan. Seems he was permabanned.
    Yo, don't mind my "street talk"

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    Can a mod close this useless thread please
    Suri Cruise and Katie Holmes are SP's.

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    I doubt that his take on such things would be particularly nuanced.

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    Kojima was always incredibly political,nothing new here

    He often expressed his views in odd and esoteric ways too

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    How is it ironic though? Care to elaborate?

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    A sarahtasher thread that is full of BS...what a rare occasion.

    Oh wait....

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    The use of words expressing something other than their literal intention. Now that is irony.

    The rest of the OP is...not.

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    There is no "originality". Ideas aren't created in a vacuum, they come from outside.

    Game looks interesting though, like a chill walking simulator with good actors. Might give it a shot myself

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    We already have a Death Stranding thread, and please keep the political discussion out of this forum. Thanks.

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