Congratulations, I've been following your pleas now for a rework for quite some time now (on multiple forums). It sounds like they might actually be making significant changes to revert Sub back to the glorious spec it used to be. Good work. I might actually, for once, consider once and for all finally abandoning my Feral for Sub. Thematically, I love Cata and WoD Sub (didn't really like MoP BoS Sub all that much). If they essentially reverted to Cata Sub Rogue I'd change immediately.

+Find Weakness (old designs)
+1minc CD 1 charge Dance (without talents to change it)
+SnD, Rupture, Expose Armor, Eviscerate, Sinister Strike/Hemo/Backstab rotation - no "shadow" rotation.
-Subterfuge (I hope this dies in a fire, along with all the casual AoE built into ST abilities of almost all specs/classes)

Just want to raise one word of caution: (watch for just over 1min - "I don't think you'll see as extensive class changes as in Legion, we're going to be mostly additive"). They're saying they won't be doing big overhauls. Maybe Sub is the exception (and I hope Feral, although it's not on quite the same scale of needed changes) but you never know. I wouldn't take anything for granted yet. It might be the ol' "we say we'll give you this, but really we're giving you that" - one step forward, two steps backwards.

But hey... I hope Feral will get a similar revertion (no gcd on shapeshift, no affinities - everything baseline, innervate, faerie swarm/typhoon/mass entanglement talent row, bash/disorienting roar/ursol's vortex talent row, hibernate on ps, no bloodtalons, proper snapshotting on all short duration buffs, no sabertooth, no brutal slash in st rotation, old 25% execute, no Cat Form Moonfire, savage roar baseline w. snapshotting & QoL from MoP/WoD, barkskin, only 1 charge of survival instincts but 12 second duration, Cyclone either instant on PS or castable in form).