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    Quote Originally Posted by lummiuster View Post
    Imo Warmode should have a 7 days cooldown. If you turn it on, you're stuck with it for a week. It is vital for players to understand that when a brawl emerges, their only solution is to fight and bring friends rather than hearting and turning warmode off.
    Running is a perfectly valid solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Starter View Post
    Seriously, I mean I was getting camped which I had no problem with on my Kul Tiran called Randymarsh and this rogue and Druid camped me and /spit on me. In the inn I clicked it off thinking I could turn it back on but now I have to fly to Stormwind to get muh 20% exp.
    What happened to you is unfortunate, but to be fair, you ARE being rewarded for it happening by the 20% exp boost. And NO, you should NOT be able to toggle it on and off.

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    Ya to be honest when ever I'm leveling an Alt i'll turn it on at the start of the day and if I start getting camped I drop it immediately for the rest of the day. I know bozo Joe Really want's me to get on my Main, but I didn't want to play my main I want to level my alt. It's also funny The few times I have bothered to go run off someone usually the first thing they do when someone there level shows up is to Hearth out...

    Coincidentally, one thing I have learned in BfA by playing both sides with warmode on, is that Most Horde players (not saying it's only them but I have the most examples from them) are actually pretty horrible in 1V1 scenarios. I was on my Horde warlock the other day in a WQ hub and had some bozo Shaman show up and pick a fight with a druid who was in combat with some mob, and acting peacefully to me up until that point. I didn't help the shaman and he proceeded to get his but handed to him. Afterwords the Shaman starts chewing me out because I didn't help him kill the druid.... And this isn't the only time that has happened....

    Likewise on my Alliance Pally I can't tell you the amount of times that I get a group of 4-5 dropping in on me, I most times get away (Grate perk of being a Paladin) and sometimes you will pull 1 of the more ambitious gankers away from the group, and even after usually wasting a good chunk of cool downs just to escape the player mob I almost always destroy the dingus who thought he was tough shit. I have even managed a few 1V2s and I can't tell you how funny it is when 2 of these bums can't take you.

    For the record I'm the type of player who won't attack unless attacked first in any circumstance, and I will always help another player who is dying from mobs even if they are from the other faction (And that has actually gained me a few new friends in BfA).

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    Quote Originally Posted by NabyBro View Post
    I would actually support this, but in reality it would literally kill whatever wpvp we have now cuz Alliance are pathetic hand-out whores.
    The warmode buff hasn't been below 20% for them in EU since 8.2 released.
    You can imagine how much they would participate in a weekly lock-in/out system.
    7 days is way too harsh. Maybe something like a 30 minute cooldown upon entering or exiting war mode would be good, tho.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    The vast majority of people I know that mostly only enjoy PvP are toxic human beings.
    100% true. It's ridiculous. I refuse to participate in their idiocy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRevenantHero View Post
    The vast majority of people I know that mostly only enjoy PvP are toxic human beings. Blocking the way to a town or dungeon is toxic as all hell. I don't understand why people get enjoyment out of ruining OTHER people's play time. What if the person is currently guildless? What if their friends aren't on? What if there's only a couple of guildies online but are busy playing the game elsewhere? I'm sure none of those questions come to the mind of a person who camps another player. They just care about causing another player hell. In Classic, I've seen more people laugh in general chat when I've asked for help on PvP realm or told me to "git gud" than offer to help. I had joined a pvp realm because my friends picked that server. Because I sometimes had to play when they were offline, I ended up quitting the server because it was just an incredibly toxic atmosphere.

    I think warmode should be removed and the only pvp is optional through battlegrounds. In my experiences, world pvp always has been just an excuse for people to be jerks to other people on the game.
    Unfortunately it is true that people often get trolled when they ask for help in general chat. I hope it is because people are still trying to rush to 60. I see a lot of people dying to gankers when trying to run in BRD. Honestly I'm glad, they deserve it. They deserve it for being too stupid to group up first in kargath and then run in in group. People should also look for more active guilds if they aint getting response from their guild. I still believe it is good to keep toxic PVP to force the whole population to play differently and take special measures to avoid getting murdered. Whenever I want to fight, first place I go is BRD and look for gankers to kill. If these gankers are gone, where will I find them?

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