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    Skinny humans for kul tirans.

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    Plain and simple; a refocused design that dedicates resources more toward fun abilities, talents, choices, and content that ultimately might sacrifice some balance or something. If my Elemental Shaman is 5-10% weaker than a Shadow Priest but fun as hell to play, I'm okay with that. Blizzard too readily sacrifices fun for "balance" or some other idea of what the game should be, rather than what it needs to be. From what I've seen, it seems they might be heading that way. Time will tell.

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    Getting enough gold together for one more token, so I can buy the heroic edition.

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    As an active player, I've already preordered.

    I'm not a jaded gamer lurking on these forums expecting Blizzard to dangle a carrot to bring me back for a month like most on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matticus777 View Post
    At the moment I'm currently on the fence about pre-ordering and I was wondering what it would take for those who find themselves in a similar situation to commit to pre-ordering Shadowlands?
    I was skipping whole BfA but then suddenly 15th anniversary content requires you to be lvl120 so I have to preorder now to have an instant 120

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    Having more money of what I need at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voidism View Post
    Wait, Vulpera and Mechagnomes are pre-order bonuses and not included in BfA?
    No, they are 8.3 content.

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    Will pre-order regardless.

    But i wouls rather get 1 option instead of the set in stone boost to 120.

    Pick one of this list:
    - boost to current max level
    - faction change
    - extra gametime
    - guild master services

    Why the guild master / faction change:
    Over the past expansions i have switched factions either on my own or with the guilds i was in. We usually swap factions for whole xpacs instead of just on the fly.

    Extra gametime is ofc in the epic edition, however in an earlier xpac i had all classes max level and got a boost, what use is it? I dont require a 2nd class at max level.

    Would be nice if they would change their approach to the boost bonus.

    Either with above options or more like a select and buy thing.
    So you can get the epix edition for 10 bucks less because it has no boost in it

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    Torghast made me pre-order.

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    The only thing that would make me preorder is Blizzard paying me interest on the loan I’m giving them.

    Only financially illiterate people who don’t understand the time value of money preorder digital content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodwulf View Post
    Physical collector's edition. Only thing keeping wife and myself from preordering.
    Same - minus the wife

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    If every pre-order comes with an inflatable Chris Metzen balloon

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    I want to expand. I said tier sets earlier, because I don't want to invest very much time in a game where I don't have an active plan for end game. Mythic + is just not as fun to me as raiding with a full group of my friends. Tier sets make raiding important enough to actually plan around from day 1, find a new guild(because of course my long term casual raid fell apart during BFA), and feel comfortable investing my time in the game.

    Without raiding enthusiasm at the end game, the game is just a much less interesting place to invest my time and money(in my opinion), so that is why I need tier sets to preorder. Without proper raiding at the end game, then I'm basically just playing for "fun," and there are multiplayer games out there with much funner gameplay, imo, so I would rather play something else for gameplay and play WoW for long term RPG/Character progression on a larger scale than a 5 man group.

    Come to think of it, they could make the gameplay better and I would also pre-order. Are the GCD changes introduced in BFA still in Shadowlands? A promise of Legion level gameplay even, would bring me back. Fire mage in early Legion was super "fun" by any measure, imo. I don't know how they messed this up, because it was going very well for several expansions before BFA. What happened?
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    I pre-ordered before I even looked at the trailers, info and such. I know I'm going to play it anyway, so why not. Also bought the most expensive version, because.. why not, I guess?

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    Putting it up for pre-order got me to pre-order, I have my beefs with wow but I still very much enjoy it, and the Tower Rogue lite system is a huge draw for me

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    Honorary member of the Baine fanclub, the only member really.

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    Nothing i guess.
    I do not see this game being back to it's RPG roots anytime soon.

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    I’ll be pre-ordering as soon as the physical CE is available.

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    1. New models for moonkin. Current one looks like crap.
    2. Flying within 4 months after release.
    3. New classes/professions
    4. Redesigning professions so they matter again, like in TBC/WotLK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voidism View Post
    Wait, Vulpera and Mechagnomes are pre-order bonuses and not included in BfA?
    I think they are included in BfA, but I meant it could be a reason/time to preoder for me.

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