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    The question is, where he ended tbh.
    I'd say the Maw since he was a pretty bad person. Maybe even in Torghast.

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    The issue for cross faction play isn't necessarily the technical aspects, but it uphends the concept of Warcraft.
    While I understand that -- the fee you pay for changing realms and factions is way too step for me to continue. As of right now, I've quit the game for ~ 2 months because of this and am on FFXIV.
    Something that would fix this for me is allowing a "free of charge" that reloads once per weekly reset to faction change, race change, realm change, etc. Have a cap of however many characters you can have. This way you can realm change all of your characters one week and faction change them all the next -- but not (easily) abuse the system. I'd even be ok with a 15 day halt on raid achievements to prevent the race from screwing over.

    But no, they won't do that. They want that money so... suppose I can't compete up with that as my friends leave / I gain new friends across other realms (usually from M+ or whatnot).

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