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    Classic: Warriors with Free Action Potions

    First time playing Vanilla, first time playing mage.

    I'm running into warriors constantly, and there's a huge difference between the ones I'm guessing are popping Free Action and the ones who aren't.

    The latter line up with class-vs-class expectations, and even I can figure them out. What about the clever guys?* I'm fooling around with the "elemental" spec, so have Blast Wave to daze, but don't what to do other than blow a Blink. Then again I don't know much. Squeeze off Polymorph and run the timer out? Currently 43. Assume similar level. Appreciate the help.

    * Also genuinely curious if FA potions is a hindsight 20/20 meta.

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    Yup, just poly them and wait it out. Easy.

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    I love watching MN play, but I’m trying to not pick a EZ mode class, I see its super popular, so I just don’t want to be another one of the 3 million warriors, ya know?

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