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    Azeroth NPCs in Shadowlands

    I was just wondering if anyone has seen something at Blizzcon.

    They said, that we, as the Player characters, are unique, that we can go into the shadowlands and back because of our connection to Azeroth. Via heart and stuff.

    Does that in turn mean, that no other NPCs from Azeroth will be able to join us there? Jaina, Khadgar, Thrall, Bain etc.?

    So the whole main story of the addon is with dead or new characters?

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    We know that Tyrande is going to feature heavily in the Ardenweald zone. I'd imagine some lore characters go there, but they are stuck and can't go back and forth.

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    Yeah, they stated that some of Azeroth's staunchest champions will be pulled in but unable to go back. Presumably until we fix everything and then they can leave.

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    Itl be just like our trip to Draenor.

    Plenty of rules on who can get in and out.
    Which are instantly ignored when our Mages create easy to use portals for us to go home with.

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    Would be nice if we could "forget" a few of them, once the expansion is over.

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