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    I'm just missing the t1 chest and the t2 helm but i'm a feral tank and we have 2 resto druids in our team since week 1 who are now both fully geared for several weeks. Just waiting on them to drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by curupuru View Post
    I also equip the 3/8 only when I'm buffing thorns on tanks.
    Would need to check to be sure but last time I done this myself I think the active buff went from 22 back down to 18 when you swap the pieces out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisnumbers View Post
    I don't even have full pre bis
    Pathetic.. had full prebis 3 days after hitting 60.
    Thanos should have won..


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    I'm not even 60 LoL. Those nolifers are funny!

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    from the bis lists ive seen, most classes dont even want full T1, except tanks and healers maybe

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    5/8. Considering I am a Priest it's actually all I really care about. Chest bis is crafted and the 2 pieces of T2 are superior. Gradually I might pick up the rest but it's not a focus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valky94 View Post
    from the bis lists ive seen, most classes dont even want full T1, except tanks and healers maybe
    Most tanks or healers wouldn't even use full T1. There are far better non-set items out there for healers and tanks are looking for "aggro"/dps gear to keep up in threat management. Full T1 is maybe worn by hunter or resto shamans, but that should be it.

    In fact T1 is really good PvP gear for many classes due to the lack of the blue pvp set which will be released in phase 2 and requires rank 10 for all six pieces.

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    Yes. I'm the MT for my guild so I got it all first. I ended up switching to fury/prot so I now only wear the boots with my normal set and the chest for my FR set.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Useful View Post
    Just curious at what pace raiders are gearing. I know druids having no problem getting set pieces because they are so rare. Next i think shamans (I am being the one). Who s next?
    I play shaman and there's quite a competition for the pieces. Also some are worse than the blues I have. 2/8 so far.

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    Warrior tank here. My guild's MT left so I got promoted to MT. I got 4 pieces of night the first night of MTing with already having the bracers for to make my 5 set. Second night tier 2 helm dropped as well, so I got that and Onyxia's head for the neck. Domo dropped the leather FR shoulders, so I snatched those up. Finally, Ragnaros dropped the stamina/resistances cloak and I picked that up as well. I have 7 DKP now, but other than getting my T1 chest, T1 boots, Drillbore Disk, Thunderfury/Eskhander's, and the ring off Ragnaros, I am fairly set.

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    The people that have picked yes, are either, a MT for their guild, a Druid or Lock

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    will take me a long time. we got alot of priests. but some of them i don't even want/need.

    got T2 helm and 3 t1 pieces atm.

    and we have terrible luck with the BoE items.

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    I am a Fury Warrior and therefore T1 is Offequip for me. And we have about 8-10 Warriors in the Raid so I have 0 pieces so far

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    I am full rare on my hunter apart from a weapon, a ring and a trinket. Don't care about pre raid BiS when raiding is easy even in greens.
    I do have T1 helm.

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    I play feral druid, we have 2 other druids in raid both resto i already have 6/8 t1 only missing belt and wrists

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    Quote Originally Posted by greenn View Post
    it was easy on my lock, full t1 and 2 piece t2. never any locks in raids.
    Woah .. my guild now runs with 6 locks.

    @op If by t1 you mean the bis from all the content available, nope but getting there. If you mean the actual pieces ... well lock t1 is pretty bad ... some pieces are actually horrible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jyggalag View Post
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    Would need to check to be sure but last time I done this myself I think the active buff went from 22 back down to 18 when you swap the pieces out.
    Afaik it is just tooltip bug that was in actual vanilla as well, and the reflect dmg is still 22. Same way when you buff thorns to groupmate with the 3-set and it only shows 10 minute duration on them. The target itself sees 15 minutes.

    Similarly improved MotW stat increase do not show on the buff tooltip iirc. You can only see the actual value it gives from the character panel. The game still wont let you override imp motw with regular motw.

    EDIT: Should test this to make sure anyway, never paid enough attention to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heathy View Post
    I have ironfoe, so i get extra rage when it procs, we have about 5 or so dps warriors so, yeah that would be great having like 10 warriors passing on the tanking set and having everyone bid on the dps pieces. that would totally work and you won't be running molten core for years trying to collect these niche drops. on all 10 warriors.
    I love playing a Warrior, but I decided against it this time around. I suspected it would be a favorite and i'd have way too much competition. Seems I wasn't wrong lol.
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    everyone has competition but, you can lessen it to some degree, ultimately you're stuck with what actually drops but, you only need a few tanks for t1 and you need 5 tanks for vael, beyond that, the most difficult thing to overcome is when guilds will need enough tanks for 4hm. its gunna mean several dps warriors that have done dps upto that point are likely gunna end up needing to collect the 4pt and tank anyway.

    i'm just saving myself the hassle of starting off dps only to end up a tank, i'm gunna fully embrace being a tank and if I can get dps gear cheap when all other dps warriors have it or better, ill bid. i'd rather the actual dps specced players get the dps gear first.

    when it comes to dkp though I try to not loot whore, i prefer a round robin approach, so if I have another tank bidding against me, if i win, i won't bid on the next item we can both use. and i generally just do it that way, i might be a bit pushy to finish t1, but i think there are still months and months until p3 so plenty of time.
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    My shammy 7/8, I got almost all my pieces super early, like within 3 weeks, but nothing since then lol. I only just made back my DKP to get other gear now ( I was voluntold that I was gunna by the Resto T1 bitch lmao).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vibah View Post
    Think it's like Nightslayer, Giantstalker, Might gloves and 3 piece Arcanist worth having.
    Half of the NS-pieces are not very good for PvE.
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