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It's as if you don't read.

Your silly goose comparison between some small fry bit character that got dispatched in the very same little patch she was introduced (and then subsequently having this "merely a setback" meme moment in Legion) AND someone like Sylvanas who is a character that exists 18 years already in multiple games, all expansion and countless novels and short stories.

You can't even bloody compare the two. Whole Vanessa story is locked to one area and then a Rogue Class Hall bit. You want to get the full Sylvanas story? Then yeah, you have to go further than bloody WoW, because she was not even introduced in WoW to begin with (durr).

What you get ingame is enough to connect all the dots, but if you want more - you need to leave WoW safe space. That's how it works with big characters, just the same like with Lich King, Illidan or just about every bloody big character we have in WoW, apart from true WoW babies like Anduin.
I could make the same assertion of the lack of reading on your behalf.

The comparison was, and never will be about the scope of the characters. It's about how they were delivered, and why one's delivery and execution worked miles above how another's did.

Vanessa is a small time character, especially when placed next to Sylvanas, no one is denying that. But that doesn't mean she didn't have a compelling story arc. There are multiple facets as to why she is a great character, but that's not the most relevant. The discussion in place is why her REVEAL worked, and why we as the player can get so invested in it.

It's a smaller sample size, but despite that, I presented as long winded an arguement for Vanessa as I could. I could of swapped the story lengths around, and still be writing up all of what Sylvanas has been doing, but that wouldn't serve the purpose of the arguement, if anything it would self-defeat it. The point of the discussion here is how, and why, Sylvanas as a character, is being done a major disservice by having alot of her motivations be defined from outside sources, some of which you have to do digging to find.

While I do agree that if you want to really know the motivations and inner minituas of a character, you should buy the books in which they are a character, you still need to define why they act in a certain way in the game in which they originate or are actively apart of.

They were smart enough to recap Illidan's story in Legion due to the lack of ingame information, along side the retcons and rewrites of his story to make it work properly for Legion. And all the information he had was essentially already presented to us in the form of the 3 novels written by Knaak on the War of the Ancients. So your arguement regarding about 'Leaving WoW's safe space' falls apart at the seams right there and then.