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    Question What race goes best with our class?

    What race goes best with our class?

    I really like undead. Love the transmogs on undead.

    for alliance, gnomes OR Worgen. only thing that kills me is how a gnome fits on our class mounts

    What's your thoughts?
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    Undead is the best choice imo. The looks and animations are just perfect.
    Orcs because of lore.
    And humans because no one in the alliance really fits locks.
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    Orcs, undead, and gnomes.
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    Aesthetically/PvP: Undead
    DPS: Troll... Orc maybe for Demo?
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    Zandalari trolls... oh wait (Im still salty!).

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    Undead, worgen.
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    Worgen or Gnome
    Undead or Orc

    Running with a gnome WL which is simply the best. Little person, big spells.

    The same charm is missing with goblins however imo.

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    Undead, worgen.
    Worgen does look amazing. My baby Worgen:

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    Worgen / Goblin

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