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    Panda/AR starting at level 1 - 8.3 or 9.0?

    Can't find it mentioned anywhere - Will Allied Race/Pandaren Death Knights start at level 1 with patch 8.3, or is this a 9.0 thing?

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    Allied races and Pandaren will have a new sliver-of-time Death Knight starting zone that will show a short intro experience, interaction with Bolvar, and then you'll be sent off into the world. It takes place before Sylvanas shatters the helm.

    From the front page

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    8.3 if you pre-purchase shadowlands.

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    It's literally in the preorder description. N'zoth patch

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    I was asking the same thing, not sure if they are starting at 1 or 20 in 8.3

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    they wont start at level 1 until the level squish in 9.0

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