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    Thumbs up Why do you play your Lock? - positive thread. no negativity!

    Why do you play your warlock? - positive thread. no negativity!

    I love the playstyle. Love affliction.

    I enjoy giving out candy and our transmogs. Some of the best in the game. even on gnomes

    Why do you play your lock?

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    To me, most fun caster, pet, most interesting lore, and they're anti-heroes.

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    1. There's almost always at least one spec that's enjoyable to play.
    2. There's almost always at least one spec that's performing adequately in a PvE setting.
    3. Great utility with healthstone, soulstone, gateway, summoning stone. You really want at least one lock in every raid.

    Also i love the class aesthetically and it was my first character to reach max level.

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    I like the dark class fantasy. Affliction is my favorite play style in the game. Historically it was one of the dps classes that had few CDs, as I did not enjoy having cooldowns as part of my kit.

    If they ever released a necromancer I would probably play it instead, but I have played Warlock since vanilla through every expansion and it has been 90% affliction.

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    I enjoy the corruptive, draining flavour of affliction; watching foes almost literally disintegrate as their bodies and souls are ravaged by our magic
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    Though I gave up playing my lock on retail as i felt gutted when demo got gutted, I've been enjoying it on classic. Them crits... so juicy<3
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    Is the fact they're super strong in both raiding and pvp not enough to play one?

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    As a pure there's 3 specs to choose from which is a big plus to me. They are also tanky, relatively fun, have a dark theme and pets

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    Curses, Drains, dots. (Order of magnitude)

    This is what warlocks should be about, but they also made demons part of it.

    It's like that really ominous class.
    Thanks for the heads up!

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    Interesting class, 3 different specs, tankiest range class on the market (probably tankiest nontank class/specs in the game), always have atleast 2 specs that arent trash tier, demons
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    Because demo its really damn fun

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    i feel like Warlocks are the Class that fit by far there class description Gameplay wise XD
    Have a good amount of utility for a caster and beeing the real outlows in the Society

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    Great theme, big angry spells, can take a hit.

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    Because I've been playing for 15 years as a lock and up until Legion and especially BFA I enjoyed how the class was designed, as them as the thematic vibe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leyre View Post
    Because demo its really damn fun
    Yes, yes it is. ex: look at my sig
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    Why cast fire when I have imps to do that for me?

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    i like being able mix being a hard casting ranged class w/ summoning demons and having utility through those demons ... Destro and Demonology are my favorite specs!

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    Because it's one of the two ranged specs that can threaten the melee facerollers, and boomkin is just boring af, not that destro is heaps of fun.

    Only playing it as a maintenance spec until next expac when hopefully I can pick up my ranged hunter again.

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    I started messing with demo during WoD just before prepatch when they still had metamorphosis. came back with legion prepatch and was disappointed to have lost meta but the remaining class, while weird AF during legion was fairly fun being one of the best single Target burners. and even now in bfa, honestly demo still feels better than during legion. could use some tweaks but I just love summoning hordes and hordes of demons to drown my enemies. am messing around with a destro lock leveling just because chaos bolt basically one shots everything,and the idea of destroy appeals but it still feels a bit wonky.
    Quote Originally Posted by AwkwardSquirtle View Post
    Why cast fire when I have imps to do that for me?

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    I picked it once becuase i really liked the design. Not these days of course but it was awesome back in Cata and MoP.

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    Because their spells are awesome and are thematically great.

    Plus chaos bolt is my favourite spell in the game. Nothing is more satisfying than deleting another player in arena with gosup buffed chaos bolts while the healer is feared off in a corner

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