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    Thumbs up Why do you play your Lock? - positive thread. no negativity!

    Why do you play your warlock? - positive thread. no negativity!

    I love the playstyle. Love affliction.

    I enjoy giving out candy and our transmogs. Some of the best in the game. even on gnomes

    Why do you play your lock?

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    To me, most fun caster, pet, most interesting lore, and they're anti-heroes.

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    1. There's almost always at least one spec that's enjoyable to play.
    2. There's almost always at least one spec that's performing adequately in a PvE setting.
    3. Great utility with healthstone, soulstone, gateway, summoning stone. You really want at least one lock in every raid.

    Also i love the class aesthetically and it was my first character to reach max level.

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    I like the dark class fantasy. Affliction is my favorite play style in the game. Historically it was one of the dps classes that had few CDs, as I did not enjoy having cooldowns as part of my kit.

    If they ever released a necromancer I would probably play it instead, but I have played Warlock since vanilla through every expansion and it has been 90% affliction.

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    I enjoy the corruptive, draining flavour of affliction; watching foes almost literally disintegrate as their bodies and souls are ravaged by our magic
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    Though I gave up playing my lock on retail as i felt gutted when demo got gutted, I've been enjoying it on classic. Them crits... so juicy<3
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    Is the fact they're super strong in both raiding and pvp not enough to play one?

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    As a pure there's 3 specs to choose from which is a big plus to me. They are also tanky, relatively fun, have a dark theme and pets

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    Curses, Drains, dots. (Order of magnitude)

    This is what warlocks should be about, but they also made demons part of it.

    It's like that really ominous class.
    Thanks for the heads up!

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    Interesting class, 3 different specs, tankiest range class on the market (probably tankiest nontank class/specs in the game), always have atleast 2 specs that arent trash tier, demons
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    Because demo its really damn fun

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    i feel like Warlocks are the Class that fit by far there class description Gameplay wise XD
    Have a good amount of utility for a caster and beeing the real outlows in the Society

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    Great theme, big angry spells, can take a hit.

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    Because I've been playing for 15 years as a lock and up until Legion and especially BFA I enjoyed how the class was designed, as them as the thematic vibe.

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