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    Update undead/minion models

    Was looking at the new models for warcraft reforged and got really jealous. I guess if there's a time to update those models would be in shadowlands. The necro lords area is probably all about them. One can hope...

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    they have been sadly, except for the empowered ghoul. It was a very sloppy job.

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    I still want more customization options for my ghoul pet via Minor Glyphs. Hell, even my Risen Stalker too.

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    They really should just allow a sort of “tame undead” for DKs to replace certain minions with the appearance of others.
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    Customization would be amazing. Personally, I would game xmog armor for my pet as well, but that's just me. Not a fan of any of them now, all pretty dated.

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    Hey. I totally agree with you.

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    quá dữ luôn chèn ơi , cố lên

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