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    thank you all for this great recommendations

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    Quote Originally Posted by hulkgor View Post
    Book version of Jamie Lannister.
    Even the movie version turned good. :P
    The hunter hoe with the least beloe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muajin76 View Post
    Even the movie version turned good. :P
    Yea, but the actual redemption is relevant, and the whole process in the tv show is shoddy at best. Hence the 'book' mention

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenebra the War Criminal View Post

    (Don't lynch me, but I liked her redemption arc a lot)
    I liked it too but I think it could've been handled better.

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    Serial web novel(s): The Practical Guide To Evil.

    Villain that turns good (ishly, kind of) = most of the characters.

    Particularly one Crowning Moment of Awesome (edited to preserve spoilery details):

    “There’s no walking back what you did,” I told her. “Not even for this. I’m one life. That’s the weight I have on the scales.”

    “I consider myself something of a theologian,” she said. “And yet I still lack the answer to one question. Perhaps you can answer it for me. Which matters most, when it comes to doing good – the conviction or the act?”

    There was a beat of silence as the enormity of what she’d just said sunk in.

    “You can’t be serious,” I said.

    I was not sure whether to be amazed or appalled by what she was implying. She might be the single most amoral person I knew, which was saying something considering I was acquainted with the fucking King of Death. And she was talking of redemption? No, I realized. Not redemption. The conviction or the act, she’d said. I hated to even think it, but it fit with how she’d always done things. I used stories as an arsenal, taking up and discarding what was of use to me, but her? She rode them into the storm like a warhorse. It had killed her, in the end. But before it had she’d matched an entire empire blow for blow.

    “But I am,” she smiled. “I shall be the most terrifyingly heroic woman in the history of my kind. And in the end, together we will learn the answer to my question.”

    “It’s not the Gods you have to convince,” I hissed. “It’s me.”

    “Would you snuff me out for observing your own principles?” she asked. “I will do nothing but what you have demanded of me.”

    “They won’t take you in,” I said. “You have to know that. You can’t fake being a good person.”

    “I have learned much from you, darling one. I may fail, true. In my hour of judgement I may – most likely will – be unmade and cast into the deepest burning pits. But until then? Oh, what a glorious ride it will be.”

    She spun away from me, presence parting in full.

    “Now, my dear,” the villain said, and there was joyous laughter in her voice. “Shall we save some innocents?”
    "In today’s America, conservatives who actually want to conserve are as rare as liberals who actually want to liberate. The once-significant language of an earlier era has had the meaning sucked right out of it, the better to serve as camouflage for a kleptocratic feeding frenzy in which both establishment parties participate with equal abandon" (Taking a break from the criminal, incompetent liars at the NSA, to bring you the above political observation, from The Archdruid Report.)

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    Xenogears has quite a few arcs that come to mind for me, but most importantly is probably Elly's. Her realization at Kislev is pretty intense from a characterization/storyteller perspective IMO.

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    How about Regina from Mean Girls?

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    The thing I'm slowly learning from these threads is that there is a huge fanbase of anime / cartoons on this forum.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    I want the ruins of K'aresh for 9.0 as I envision it as Netherstorm on steroids. A broken, shattered world. Eco-domes are stuck on various chunks to protect flora & fauna. I imagine a K'aresh ocean & maybe some islands contained in an eco dome or a snow-capped peak with some jungle valleys in another. Flesh version of Ethereals that never got altered. Space platforms as in Starcraft. Just a totally fantastic tileset & theme that I'd be very keen to explore. They could do some wild things.

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    Root from Person of Interest. Goes from being a ruthless killer to one of the best characters in the show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AwkwardSquirtle View Post
    Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    From what I remember, he turned good when he imprisoned his uncle.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nevcairiel View Post
    If you are suggesting to take my Night Elfs Shadowmeld away, then please find some pike to run yourself through, tyvm.

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