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Thanks for clarification, bro.

Can i ask one more question my fellow mages thats bothering me:
whats best build for m+ if i got 3xPacked Ice and 3xFlash Freeze traits?
I raid as fire so i dont want to touch that gear, and my frost gear is a mess - trying to change available gear pieces from haste/vers to something
else i ended up having every stat being equal(around 1k each)

Hmm, I can only answer partially... Only have played GS build and 3XFlash Freeze, what I do, is rotate my major essence based upon Tyrannical. If Tyrannical I use Condensed Life Force, if not and we need more AoE damage then I'll go "beam on death" Focusing Iris major.

Problem with maintaining multiple sets of gear is the secondaries needed are different, and you complicate it further with Fire gear set.

Why don't you just run Fire in M+?