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    Well my realm is still layered because there's too many players. Interesting to see if the queue comes back now that they're removing layering. Oh and it's PvE.

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    I came to see silly asumptions, and i wasnt dissapointed, these guys are hilarious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arkanon View Post
    Well, going by this forum, its definitely not as popular as many would lead you to believe, and many, MANY people are leaving. This isnt an issue, but its certainly a fact.
    Well, what a silly thing to say with absolutely NOTHING to support it from a numbers perspective.

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    My guild plays everyday, online 50-70 people. MC runs always full with bench people always around.
    But my friends didnt make it to 40+ levels ;D Gf left after 15 lvl, some friends on 20 lvl.

    So... It's like saying emocore is dead when you dont listen to emocore
    step into everything will gief ya nothing, mon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tojara View Post
    Feels fairly alive to me, but our server had layering removed two weeks ago so that's likely the largest culprit.

    What they reported, at least how it reads to me, is that it was incredibly popular during that quarterly release and that there is an active community still playing it. This isn't me being a doomsayer, but a lot of you clearly read the words of the released statement with 100% conviction that it fits your narrative completely. Without actual hard numbers you would be borderline retarded to assume anything regarding the health of classic.

    What we do know is that it had a lot of hype and a lot of people subscribed for that quarter. What we don't know is how many people were subscribed prior to classic releasing, and what the numbers look like now. If live had say 3 million people playing it a month before classic, and 2.5 million people subscribed before that quarterly report, this still says nothing concrete about the two months after classic released. What we can assume is that retail subscription numbers are probably pretty static at this point (prior to classic, it was like 2 1/2 months into it's patch cycle, which is about a few weeks past the point that people taper off) and that any notable subscription loss at this point would be a result of people losing interest in classic (people certainly weren't subscribing in mass in middle to late August because of 8.2). All we know is that they stated it's well above pre-classic subscription numbers, and that's all we're ever going to know because they don't release exact numbers.

    My numbers above are entirely made up, but assume that the 2.5 million I cited was true. From that you would have to guess what "well above" would mean using said number.

    I like classic a lot, I really do, but the fanaticism from select individuals here and in-game is pretty retarded. It feels like some people aren't bound in reality, and you're easily the worst part of the community (again, whether it's here or in-game). You see what you want to see though.
    No need to panic. It's all simple and easy. Classic was released for existing "vanilla" fan base with hope to attract some retail players. It's natural that those numbers will never bound to stay that high. True hard fans will stay loyal to classic, others just comes and goes away.

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    Yep, it certainly is. It's gonna be a real wakeup call when people realize they're gonna get camped 24/7 with honor coming out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamurello View Post
    people got to level 20 something and then realized what a soul crushing grind levelling is so majority quit, some diehards left but slowly leaving..
    Never had that kind of experience. Never played WoW back in these days, when leveling took days. Amd funnily enough, I enjoy it woithout being a diehard. I am not bored either. I enjoy being able to skill up my professions in pair with leveling. I enjoy the community. I enjoy the world when I can feel endangered. I enjoy the need to utilize my spells. I enjoy the need for consumables and thinking twice before making a decision.

    I guess you're the opposer of Classic experience so you came here to whine a bit I won't say it's the best I have seen, but the concept of a real, vivid and difficult world buys me. It also gave me an idea of how WoW got oversimplified, so that many aspects if the game became meaningless, unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawon View Post
    HAhahahahaaha, yeah you can always go and kiss the critters of Northrend and such. Ok, rephrase, MEANINGFUL things to do that is relevant to the latest content, u know what most of us consider proper content, instead of farming TK for the 200th time to hope Ashes will drop!
    That applies to classic too, farming MC until your eyes bleed out (consdering the snorefest it is), so your argument is completely retarded.

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    I leveled till level 10, I think..

    Popular enough..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exhuman View Post
    I keep reading that everywhere.

    Can classic players confirm or deny?
    so if you are reading this everywhere you must have some links to examples?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felrane View Post
    No its not. Millions are still playing.
    Last I heard it was a cajillion. If more than a million even log on much less play consistently I'd be blown away.
    "Privilege is invisible to those who have it."

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    Quote Originally Posted by perkocet View Post
    Saying it's popular =/= asserting that there's definitely for sure absolutely 100% millions of players still playing. Calm down. Driving the largest sub increase in history doesn't say anything, literally at all about the CURRENT population.
    Stop and actually think for a moment.

    The largest quarterly sub increase in franchise history. Think about that, and ask yourself again if it’s reasonable to say that this information is COMPLETELY orthogonal to an estimate of the current classic player base (your claim).

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    I would imagine it still has more people playing than BfA. So if Classic is dead/dying what does that say about retail? Go try Classic sometime, you can barely find mobs to kill because there's so many people playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Howlrunner View Post
    Jesus wept.

    Who cares?
    Why does everything on this shitty forum have to be a pissing contest by people who have to find some reason to justify their like or dislike for something. I wish I genuinely had such an uneventiful life to whine about such an irrelevant subject.

    It literally doesn't matter.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I know!

    Neither is changing their mind, and it is *almost* as if it is two totally differinggames played by differing types of people. Neither is a better or worse player for it, and you enjoy what you enjoy.

    Peeps need to get over it, already and just accept things and move on.
    Yeah. It's like that xbox vs playstation shit all over again, just this time it's the same company lul

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    Quote Originally Posted by legendaryusername View Post
    no but BFA is

    what a ghost town lmao
    I know retail is a ghost town I play retail. They better rush Shadowlands or add some kind of bots till december 2020
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    Quote Originally Posted by Denymeplz View Post
    That applies to classic too, farming MC until your eyes bleed out (consdering the snorefest it is), so your argument is completely retarded.
    You are retarded in that case as you obviously missed the point that I said BOTH WoW are in decline with nothing to do, so wtf are you all about? Did I even claim Classic is more content than BFA?

    Wait, I have a solution for you!

    Infracted: Flaming {ML}
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    Quote Originally Posted by perkocet View Post
    This is a pretty generous interpretation of the information given.
    hey bud i think you confused "generous" with "literal", have fun buying +10's every week though.

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    YES it is DEAD!
    probably a generational thing to care about the hive's opinion
    at least now the classic players can have some peace!
    huge pop by the way on all the realms I play

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    Dunno, I uninstalled it 1 month ago because it was a boring experience, but many of my friend are still playing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XangXu View Post
    Classic WoW is the biggest scam that any one company has perpetrated and mindless dummy droves can’t even see it. It makes me sick to my stomach when I realize i’m associated with “gamers” because of my hobby.

    In one breath, gamers “rise up” against predatory monetization tactics, poor quality products and rehashes. Then then flock to Pay for fucking Classic WoW, a game over 15 years old.

    And honestly, the game wasn’t even that good. Broken raids. Broken leveling. Broken quests. Broken story. Broken specs.

    But here we are.

    Fuck my life.
    Imagine being that mad about '15yo dead game'.

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