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    Thumbs down Inconsistent Application of Rules & Excessive Force

    I just received a notification that one of my posts was " trolling and unconstructive" and have therefore received an infraction.

    Well, if you want to tell a website where some of the moderators apply rules inconsistently and with excessive force, that's pretty much what it looks like.

    Absolutely no part of the post I wrote was "trolling", it was a genuine reply, and to be told that an "unconstructive" post warrants an infraction! Half of the threads I've visted on here have "unconstructive" posts but they don't receive infractions.

    How to stop a fly annoying you? Take out the biggest hammer you can find and smash whatever you have to, apparently!

    I've asked for my account to be deleted (I'm based in Europe and judging from other threads this seems to matter regarding data collection and privacy) as I don't agree with these rules and I'm not getting into a futile back-and-forth with me linking proof, life is too short!

    Hammer away guys!

    Feedback: apply rules consistently, and don't use excessive force.

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    Dude, you called some guy a "Hitler-lover" for posting some thoughts about Kael'thas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ladyandthechild View Post
    I think every second line of your post I thought in my head: "he's a Hitler-lover".

    No this was absolutely trolling and derailing. 100% just infraction.

    Also instead of trying to delete your account you could just not come to this website.

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    Also if one infraction on your account is enough to make you want to delete it then maybe forums aren't for you.
    Quote Originally Posted by FreeHongKong View Post
    Because we live in a place of freedom of speech
    Quote Originally Posted by FreeHongKong View Post
    Stop talking.

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    I love when the truth is brought out in posts like these.

    Also, this is not the way to comment on moderation. The way is in the rules I believe.

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    We don't allow public discussion of moderation.

    If you think your infraction was unfair and the post was within the site rules, you're free to PM a moderator to open an appeal for you.

    If you feel like appealing and/or simply ceasing to post isn't for you, you can request account deletion using "Contact Us" at the top of the site.

    for moderation questions/concerns, please contact a global:

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