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    Quote Originally Posted by dcc626 View Post
    well, they would have to redesign it again, because current brew expel relies on having ox orbs out.
    and WW WoD Expel Harm was more of a nuisance than cool ability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dcc626 View Post
    for brewmaster, i hope they make talents like damnpen harm, guard, blackout strike baseline and replace them with new talents. wouldnt mind having xuen back just for fun. i dont expect to see things like clash or dizzying haze back but wouldnt mind if i were wrong
    Gosh, I'd love to see Brewmasters utility back:

    Avert Harm + Zen Meditation combo;

    Both of these were so satisfying and would be lovely in M+ and Raiding. I could live without Guard, I think Stagger is fine honestly but I just miss the extra movement and mob management that came from Clash and Avert Harm is the tastiest cheese.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memo85M View Post
    I want weapon animation back to all attacks. ohh wait, there never where any...
    Exactly, I like everything about my monk now except having weapons always behind my back.

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    Healing Sphere
    Expel Harm
    Spinning Fire Blossom baseline
    Grapple Weapon (loved the fact that it stole the opponents weapon and the monk used it for the duration, was very unique in terms of disarms)

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    What matters most to me:
    • Old Storm, Earth & Fire - the new one is just not a good ability. It takes away control from the player and is simply unreliable which makes it one of the most unfun abilities in the game. Also it makes your numbers smaller when it should be a burst CD really weird and stupid design. Old SEF had a big skill ceiling and a number of different uses for a good player.
    • Old Tigereye Brew - this was simply such a fun ability. Having your gameplay revolve around building up and managing these stacks with incredibly burst windows and the ability to put out decent offheal when needed pretty much made Windwalker the most fun spec in all of WoW for me. New TEB is pretty niche and feels like a terrible, counterintuitive ability.
    • Not really a matter of unpruning but I'll mention it anyway: buff chi burst. There was nothing more satisfying than having Chi burst as heavy hitting cast to finish off enemies. It really made the WW unique and fit the themes of the spec perfectly.
    • Replace Whirling Dragon Punch with Hurricane Strikes - it's pretty simple. Whirling Dragon Punch is just not a fun or interesting ability. It's another meaningless damage CD that bloats our bars without providing us with anything that other abilities can't do already. Hurricane Strikes on the other hand was an amazing ability which offered huge possibilities (dodging CC for example).
    • Probably one of the most important ones: Fists of Fury stun - I really don't get why Blizzard butchered this ability over the years when it used to be the most iconic WW ability. Now it just feels clunky and lacklustre in single target situations.
    Optional fun stuff:
    • Chi Explosion - fun ability that really changed up your playstyle for all specs. It's a shame they don't make abilities like that anymore.
    • Chi Torpedo with built in damage - bit of a double-edged sword. Was fun to use and made for interesting decision making since you'd basically trade mobility for damage but I get that it created "unhealthy gameplay" in some environments.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pppbroom View Post
    Exactly, I like everything about my monk now except having weapons always behind my back.
    But the whole point of the monk is 'fighting unarmed' and 'martial arts'?
    I did a Necromancer thing. Check it out! All feedback welcome!
    Update 08/17: I changed how the Bone spec's golem mechanic works, as well as some other minor changes.
    I also did a Bard thing! Questions, comments and ideas, all welcome!
    Update 09/02: Apparently the mods decided to merge my class concept thread with an existing one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ielenia View Post
    But the whole point of the monk is 'fighting unarmed' and 'martial arts'?
    Glyphs? Or I don't know

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    The thing I really would like to see is Blackout Kick given to Brewmaster and given the funtionality of Blackout Strike so that we can tank with fistweapons and transmog those into the invisible ones. Having no kicks as BrM and using that sticks just for one ability is sad. Either give it more elaborate animations in more abilities (f.e. a whirlwind style aoe attack with the whirling staff weapon) or remove the weapon it completely.

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    Revert to MoP/WoD monk, including old Death Touch and everything removed or changed since then. Hopefully.

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