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    I've loved the emotion and scenery in Darnassus. I spent a lot of time in SW dwarven quarter. Dalaran was nice.
    But my favorite of all time is Boralus. Beautiful, best view ever, compact town.
    I made an alt on the Horde side and I feel for players in DA before flying. It must have been awful.
    Blood DK. I hate leveling alts.
    BfA is great. I love HoA.
    Unpopular opinions ftw.

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    Loved the color scheme of dalaran
    Shattrath was a nice place in the middle of forest, well middle of everything really.

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    It used to be Undercity until recent events.

    Also like Silvermoon and Boralus.

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    Ironforge! Would love to see it receive a true “HD” update some day.

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    Probably Boralus.

    For me it the first time they made a city feel like a city. Suramar is a close second. I would love to see SW and Orgrimmar revamped one day.

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    As more of a daylight-person I would prefer Silvermoon if it was depicted in-game as it is in-lore, but such as it is it doesn't hold a candle to Suramar.

    Second place goes to Boralus, as I'm a coastal person and dig nautical themes along with it. Boralus also seems like a nice, relaxed place to hang in.
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    Thunder Bluff, Stormwind, Suramar, Darnassus

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