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  • Yes! It's a nice idea, make it flex once cross-realm is enabled!

    1 8.33%
  • I prefer it to be 20-man all the time.

    8 66.67%
  • I really don't care about this.

    3 25.00%
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    Idea on mythic raiding

    Greetings forum!

    So I've come up with this idea I would like to share with you to know your opinion on the matter. Currently, and since the early days, I'm a fan of 10-man raiding (or at least, to have the chance to flex it like it's done in normal and heroic). In the current situation, mythic is tuned for 20-man raids, and it also creates this "world first" atmosphere as with a flexible composition it would be difficult to balance it properly as far as I know (although I would like Blizzard to balance it exclusively for 10-man but that's my personal stand). The point I want to reach here is what do you think if Blizzard would implement flexible raiding to the mythic difficulty once the mythic raid has been beaten by 100 guilds in each faction, i.e., when they enable cross-realm groups. I'd really enjoy to play with my guildies who are not playing mythic first and foremost because of the strict limitation of making it 20-players only.

    Greetings guys!! Thanks for your answers

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    it's made for 20; much easier to tailor it to 20 than it is to 10. you can do x-realm after Hall of Fame is finished so finding 20 shouldn't be too difficult

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    It wouldn't work without changing raid mechanics to a great degree. This is mythic's great advantage: It's specifically built for 20 players. Making a version for 10 would do one of two things: 1) Change the raid completely to accommodate just the 10/flex players or 2) Design the original raid for non-specific groups of players for later.

    I don't think either is remotely acceptable.
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    It's easier to scale for a set amount of players.

    Though, I would recommend cross-server function to be taken more notice at. Prefered when the world first has been unlocked.
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