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    Lightforged Draenei priests?


    Long story short I'm returning to the game after having a break since the launch of BFA in the meantime I'm planning to return to my priest who was my all time main prior to WOD.

    Now much has changed since I last played in Legion I find myself wanting to roll as a Lightforged Draenei now I do play with the intention of getting CE each tier and the LFD racial are probably amongst the worst for a priest but I just love the lore behind them and it's the only thing holding me back from playing.

    Am I being stupid cause the randomness of the void elf doesn't roll with me at all and after playing horde for some time I like having a semblance of control with their active ability.

    I honestly need some fresh input, any help?

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    CE each tier as alliance is a yikes.

    Other than that, it's really your own personal decision.

    Can't really advise on making that decision.

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    I have two priests, a blood elf and a lightforged. Aesthetically, i love both.

    Paladin and Priest are lorewise the best classes for lightforged.

    It is always interesting when you go shadow, because according to the lore they shouldn't be able to do it lol.

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    Racials are so minor in pve that I wouldn't lose my head over it. You pick race for flavour, unless you plan to be in the super cutting edge progression and even then, it's still insignificant.

    If you plan to do arena on higher ranks then it's a different story (LFD for arena suck major ass).

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    In terms of numbers, racials really don't do that much. But the thing with priests, you really want a mobility racial, as blizz seems to be dead set on keeping us a turret. This is why I'm still a goblin, despite hating being so small. Rocket jump saved my life way too many times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huzzaa View Post
    CE each tier as alliance is a yikes.

    Other than that, it's really your own personal decision.

    Can't really advise on making that decision.
    This is something I've been conflicted about since wanting to make my LF-D I remember back in Legion alliance CE guilds were quite numerous until Tomb where the top end alliance started to go horde to solve recruitment issues, now the issue didn't seem so breaking until I've noticed the trend continuing and reading threads elsewhere and hearing feedback of other players in game regarding what has gone on so far. Given the state after Crucible of Storms and with no input either from Blizzard regarding the Hemorrhaging of the top end alliance, I can't see myself after all having an Alliance character. An alt to explore the storyline but otherwise its very likely I'll continue with the horde, it's a shame really.

    Though I've not completely made up my mind, going alliance for CE in Shadowlands will be little less than a leap of faith.
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    This may be off topic, but I wanted a LFD priest really bad so I leveled one for the heritage armor. Honestly considering going back reg draenei since LFD's hair clips every. single. transmog. I hate it

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