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    Quote Originally Posted by StillMcfuu View Post
    I loved them in vanilla through wrath for the totems and the smacking people with big hammers and then swinging around goblets to murder people (brewfest 1 hand mace). Plus the wolves, the totems, the 5 maelstrom stack chain lightning, lava totem... I loved that class.
    After cata, that cooled off a lot and stopped playing, but picked shaman up again at the end of Wod when I came back to the game. I love ele now, mainly the theme, master of elements, plus there isn't a cooler looking class, especially when you are popping off.
    I still think the tool kit resto shaman have is the absolute standard for what I think a healing class should be, so there is that too.

    I hope SL brings back a strong Enh feeling that's unique... I just think they are a boring version of ele, but close range, instead of Lightning you have SS, instead of LB you have LL, etc...
    And it just kind of feels like they wanted it to fit together the same, but in practice it doesn't work out.
    Completely agree, same spot, Enha lost its soul for me.
    I did enjoy it in Cata and MoP, but less than before.
    Killing the real WF, removing Unleash Elements, and most importantly changing Maelstrom stacks to the "rage" system we have now has killed the spec for me.
    Nothing like that WF that gets you x5 Maelstrom and that awesome Bolt or Chain...

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    DKs, Monks, and DHs seem to heal significantly after each kill, while Enh and Ele struggle doing the same, so I guess it kind of depends on the kind of pacing you like. If you like staggering CDs and using more of your kit on each pull, Shaman may seem more enjoyable. The appeal after all of an old spec like Enh was that it stayed the same for so long and for a long time was one of the only specs that maintained a rotation until the Maelstrom change. So it isn't surprising that after the change Enh and Ele still maintain some of that style of staggering abilities almost as if they still had a rotation, even if it isn't strictly as rotational as before it still carries a lot more similarity to the old style than newer classes like DKs or Monks or DHs which have bigger moments of glory. A shaman player may take more pride in their pull by pull glory of using smaller CDs, while a DK or Monk or DH will take more pride in those blue moon pulls that are insane and result in a huge wave of destruction where they just never die because of things like Dark Succor, Healing Orbs, and absorbing Souls.

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    My buddy who got me to play in early 05' played horde and he said the horde has shamans and the alliance has paladins. Knowing someone of the alliance couldn't be the same class as me plus the concept of windfury, I made a shaman without considering any other choices. Frost shocking and auto attacking/stormstrike.
    Most likely the wisest Enhancement Shaman.

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    Spirit Link Totem is the most fun healing CD to play with by far. Ankh Totem is also quite entertaining.

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    My reason for going back to my shaman with the ambition of not playing any other class is only because it is the character I've played the most in the past.

    After hopping between different characters for quite a bit in WoD and Legion I've realized that I now days only have time to really focus on one character and the only obvious choice was the character with the most finished reputations which is my shaman.

    It doesn't hurt that it has a spec for ranged, melee and healing. All roles I enjoy and love jumping between. Right now I'm getting the shaman done with some Legion stuff before I'll focus on doing some of the things I'd like done in BfA in preparation for the next expansion.

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    Instant raid invite since TBC. Derp nap during the first minute of the fight, Reincarnate and Bloodlust when RL ask for it, derp nap shortly after, get loot, rince and repeat.
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    Modern Shaman does not hold my attention unfortunately, other classes do melee much better and that was my favorite spec once upon a time.
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    Because, Vulpera totems are cute as poop...

    But seriously, it's the only class I've ever considered healing on.
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    Because I am a sucker for pretty spell effects and just love the feel of all specs, most of the times at least.

    I considered playing it as my main for BfA once it became clear what BM hunter was gonna play like, but alas... If Shadowlands doesn't improve Hunter, I'm probably switching mains to a Shaman. As of right now, my Shaman is always the first alt I get to the new max level.
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    I was originally a tank that got pushed into rolling a shaman because the guild needed hero and crit totem for the caster group during BC. I enjoy support rolls so it was a good choice at the time. I also like the ability to switch between melee and range as I want. Although that's been harmed for years due to class balance. The utility of totems was also a big plus, but again that's been watered down.

    I guess now it's just stubbornness, I've been one for so long I'm not interested in changing.

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    I started my Shamn in late TBC.

    Because i liked the fantasy and the visuals.

    Today i play Ele since late WotLk because i like how Elementals gameplay feels.

    But i have a urge desire to play Enhance, because i like to be a meele, wear weapons, the visual and so on.
    But Enhancer just plays stupid atm.

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    The reason I played shaman in Vanilla was purely because of Thrall. I did swap to druid for a lot of BC and Wotlk but ultimately came back to shaman. I don't know why, maybe I just hate myself.

    I payed elemental primarily till legion, then went enhance till the end of uldir. Uldir broke me as an enhance shammy, and elemental became viable at the end of the tier. I play elemental now but I started doing visions and questing as enhance.

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    Legit because I was rewatching the last airbender at the time and Shaman is the closest thing to the avatar lol

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    I don't always play shaman, but when I do it's for the aesthetic of the abilities. Throwing lava and lightning at your enemies is awesome, and many of the abilities feel very impactful.
    Transmog has been weak as of late, however.

    Lightning bolt is boring AF though, never liked the new visual.

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    Enhancement is the closest thing we have to a battlemage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHumanResources View Post
    Enhancement is the closest thing we have to a battlemage.
    Also this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFromHumanResources View Post
    Enhancement is the closest thing we have to a battlemage.
    Retribution was also pretty close in the day. Then they took out half the ranged attacks, so there went that.

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    because... shaman ?

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    I miss shazamming people as enhance in mop. It was a cool effect that they took away

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthyjake View Post
    Legit because I was rewatching the last airbender at the time and Shaman is the closest thing to the avatar lol
    Monk would be a lot closer but sureeeeee

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