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    Alliance [A] Ataraxia - Silvermoon - 4/8M - Recruiting 3days a week!

    Ataraxia is looking for skilled players to boost our mythic roster in Eternal Palace Think you have what it takes, or are looking for a nice place to hang out? Feel free to get in touch!

    About us
    We are a recently formed international semi-hardcore guild, looking to have some fun and progress as far into current content as possible. The guild was created by a group of ingame friends who migrated to Silvermoon from dead servers, looking for a fresh start.

    Who/what we are looking for
    At this point in time, we are primarily looking for the following classes/specs:

    Druid Resto


    Monk; Tank Preferably
    Will consider any

    Paladin; Holy




    Other roles & exceptional players may always be considered.
    Please be aware that we are recruiting for Mythic progression.
    We require you to have your Heart of Azeroth Lvl 65 for Mythic progression, as well as the relevant essences for your class/spec.

    A raid spot depends on performance, as well as mindset. We are looking for players who are willing to put in what it takes to progress into mythic as a group. The trial period is 3 weeks.

    What we offer
    Our aim is to progress as far into current content as possible. As a result, we offer a mature raid environment with a mindset focused on improving our own performance.
    Occasional banter and a friendly atmosphere.
    Alt runs through normal/heroic.
    A reliable raid spot based on your own performance.
    A variety of different activities outside of raiding.

    Raid days
    Friday 19:00 - 22:00
    Sunday 19:00 - 21:00
    Tuesday 19:00 - 22:00
    All times are server time. We expect our raid members to be prepared and ready for invites 15 minutes before scheduled starting time.

    Mandatory addons:
    Weakauras 2

    Other activities
    As we have a large variety of members who are also interested in things other than raiding, we also run regular M+ dungeons, do (rated) battlegrounds and world quests together, and we occasionally enjoy making the Horde’s lives miserable.

    Who to contact
    If the above interests you, and you think you have what it takes, please get in touch! Contact one of the following officers ingame:

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