I have been looking and looking and can't seem to find either of these add-ons which I know* to be possible to creature using weakauras custom functions. I'm just uh, erm, yea, too stoopid to know how or care to 100% learn how to do such a thing.

The first is kind of as verbatim ... I had something working before but my ui got wiped and I lost of trace of the code and can't seem to find any way to recover or rediscover what I once had. Essentially if you select an enemy there would be an icon likely placed near their target bar that would indicate if their trinket has been used or not. This is underrated, extremely valuable information for BGs and more particularly RBGs. I know this exists for arenas but not the other way around seemingly.

The other request of sort is for a text display of how much rage you get when you auto. It's sorta useless but still fun to see how the number varies depending on if you crit or not and the type of armor you're facing. Unsure how hard this is to do as I've never seen it done but I imagine some snapshotting comparisons would be needed.

If anyone has the free time to do one or both I would *greatly* appreciate it as a UI addon connosseur (: