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    I figured that out. I am only ilvl 415 and I already rock the dps meter against ppl with the same ilvl.

    Obv, you need the bracers and trinkets to be optimal but the specs is very viable without them. When you will compete against other ppl min-maxed, you will need them. But the spec works without them. And more importantly, you can have fun without them.

    I would have prefer the spec to be more about big direct dmg than dots, and with less focus on combustion. But it is still fun to play.

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    Exactly the mindset to have. Play what you like. The fire play style is so much fun, if you can figure it out. As for the bracers they do make our spec standout, and we should farm them. Even if you already have them keep farming for a tf proc. The effect stays the same, but the extra ilvl helps. Not having them just means your burst rotation is short 2 fb and a possible pb. While it’s impactful, it’s not the end of the world if you don’t have them quite yet. Depending on the circumstances you might not even be able to do the rotation perfectly either so wouldn’t even miss them.

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    So now, I am 432 ilvl. I understand why ppl were saying that the bracers are needed for the specs to be viable. They are not needed for the specs to work. But they are needed to be competitive as a dps spec. The burst you gain just with them is INSANE and very fun, you just keep spamming those pyros.

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