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    For me personally, MoP was near worst. I never enjoyed it and couldn’t go through with it.

    WoD had its good qualities such as story and dungeon design. I really enjoyed it from that perspective.

    My best expansions are legion and BFA.

    But remember before you shit on me and call me a retard that i only ranked them for leveling experience, lore, zones. And everyone has their taste.

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    I'm sure it's been said, but multiple reasons why MOP is ranked #2.
    MOP came after Cata which was a shit show and terrible so naturally anything is going to be better
    A lot of current players STARTED in mop, so they most likely are biased
    After MOP came WOD, another disaster. When a terrible expansion comes after a decent one you're going to think "man the last version was so much better"

    MOP is only #2 because blizzard made it seem that way with their terrible 2 expansions before and after.

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