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    If they didn't drag it out so poorly without any end game info it would have been much better. The fact that none of us had any fucking clue what was going on for YEARS was a huge mistake. This isn't a 3 month tv show, this shit has been going on for YEARRSSSSSs. It's like they thought they could take a single tv show season and expand it over 5 seasons. Wrong.

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    I stopped caring about Sylvanas and her story after all the "trust in the Dark Lady's master plan, champ!" didn't go anywhere. Plus she's seemingly only being written as a villain for the sake of it - and not a very interesting one, at that.

    Also, judging by the recent retcons, she can break the 4th Wall and lie to the reader.
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    she was tolerable up to wotlk.

    then it got annoying. i wish she'd have just stayed dead when godfrey shot her, or when she jumped off icc.

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    No. 'Brilliant strategist'-type villains require smart authors to pull off convincingly, otherwise you get villains like Sylvanas and Red Hulk where nothing the heroes do seems to really deter them any. Despite the supposed setbacks she's had, her plans still go off without a hitch, she gets poorly-explained, massive powerups that cause her to be so overwhelmingly dominant in fights that two major lore characters, both noted for their combat skills (even before Bolvar became Lich King, he was no slouch as seen in Northrend questing leading up to the Wrathgate cinematic), completely jobbed out to establish how powerful she is.

    There's a post I read once that summed up the differences between a smart character written by a smart writer, and a smart character written by a mediocre writer, using Sherlock Holmes as an example. A smart writer would portray all the groundwork that goes into a stunning scene where he utterly demolishes a room full of people with logic, observation, and research. A shitty writer would have Sherlock's big scene amount to preternatural skills like being able to tell from a glance that two guards are inseparable lovers, so he kills one and the other commits suicide from despair, he ricochets a bullet off a mirror angled perfectly because he set up the room that way yesterday, and he kills the fourth guard by noting that his complexion means he's allergic to shellfish or something so he sneaks chunks of shrimp into his chicken sandwich. Wink knowingly at the camera as he explains all this, and scene.

    Because to a stupid person, a smart person is indistinguishable from a wizard, and that's on full display with Sylvanas's strategic 'skills.'
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    I liked her up to cata. After that it went to shit.

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    I never liked her, I only ever felt bad forsaken.

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    Her story in BFA, SL looks like a fan fiction written by a fanboy. So no.
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    Bow to Lady Sylvanas, mortals!

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    Not really no, mainly due to the fact that just keep building it up to have more that what is shown. It takes forever to get there and meanwhile we just get violent outbursts with a line that hints to something greater is at play...
    Drawn out for way to long and went on the crazy skill a bit too far so whatever they want the payoff to be it's gonna fall flat.

    If she is just plainly evil then it's just one dimensional and lacking since being evil for the sake of being evil is boring af.
    If she gets redemeed or kerrigan treatment then they need to undo so many evil acts that it goes into BS territory.

    If they scaled it down and everything wasn't so extreme it would probably be more tolerable.

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    The poll doesn't allow me to pick the option of never having liked her story. It's not like the writing was any good before broken shore. Maybe just less in your face.

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    I liked it all the way until it was made clear we weren't supposed to like it. That there wasn't anything affable behind her actions after all, that the Loyalists were just useful idiots. By now I want Blizzard to erase Sylvanas and this stupid storyline and try their hand at a new one. Maybe not fuck it up this time.
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