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    I don't know, I only really play WoW and a bit of PoE

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    Quote Originally Posted by PACOX View Post
    How are so many people sleeping on Mass Effect 2 and FNV?

    I don't even like the genre but DayZ (and thus Arma) had impact on the decade by paying the way from a lot of streaming fads, survival games, and BR games.

    Also Skyrim? GTA V? Two games that go people to buy them multiple times.
    If I had to take one game for the decade, and assuming 2009 doesn't count, then I would pick New Vegas in an instant. That, not Witcher 3, set my standards for what an open world RPG can be, and to some extent an RPG period. There were loads of good games this decade, but none engrossed me into a world, its characters and its stories quite as much. And that's worth going through the terrible graphics and lousy gunplay, both of which can be improved with mods.

    I'm wary of Bethesda, now more than ever, but if they announce a New Vegas remaster that touches up the graphics and gameplay without altering anything else, they can take all my money. Fat chance, I know, but hey they did re-release Skyrim almost literally a dozen times.

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    Woo! This was harder then I thought, but I have my favorite/top 5 games:

    Elder Scrolls Skyrim
    Stardew Valley
    Borderlands 2
    Witcher 3
    The Long Dark

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    Top 3 for me:

    1) Horizon Zero Dawn
    2) God of War
    3) Witcher 3

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    I don't play many games, only offline gta Vice City on techbigs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostpanther View Post
    The last Civ I played was the second one. But can a Greek phalanx still take out a WW2 level battleship in Civ 5?
    In theory... if the phalanx can hit the battleship 100 times (spoilers, it cant, since its a ship).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    In theory... if the phalanx can hit the battleship 100 times (spoilers, it cant, since its a ship).
    It could and did in my Civ. 2 game. lol!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doomchicken View Post
    Total war warhammer 2 for me. 982 hours played so far which is triple the amount of time played of any other steam game I've played. The only game I've played more is WoW, but I can't give that game of the decade when two of the four expansions of this decade I played I thought sucked (BFA and WoD) and the other two were hit and miss (Legion and Mists. Never played cata, so didn't count that)
    Great strategy game. I just got it during this Dec's holiday sale for $12. A lot like the first Warhammer. But with a lot more options for strategic play. Zooming in during a battle and watching a Dragon annihilate swarms of rat soldiers, was so much fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrif View Post
    There's only one game that comes to mind instantly for me, and that's Divinity: Original Sin 2.
    That is a great combat strategy, turn based RPG game. I really enjoyed it.
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    Shovel Knight and Yacht Club Games because they are the first company to actually use Kickstarter properly and make a game far exceeding the investment.
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    Tough call between total warhammer or Poe.

    really total warhammer does not get enough credit for the amount of detail and quality in it. outside of PvP (which I don't play it for) I'd almost call it a perfect game. with Shogun, total war became one of my favorite series'. Warhammer has been my favorite hobby since I was 8. we're living in best time line.

    and it would take ages of me to explain POE but really it boils down to a brilliant currency system, endlessly rewarding gameplay, an amazing outlet for theory, doesn't treat you like an idiot, always feels like theres something more to learn, and properly rewards you for taking the time to do so. A love letter to it's hardcore audience, who it's not afraid to focus on.
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    Oh, also, I forgot about Chivalry. I normally don't like PvP games, but Chivalry is an exception there. It's hilarious to play with friends. I always found the "war cry" animation/voice-overs hilarious, and some of the taunts and emotes you could do reminded me of Monty Python. The controls and general gameplay were solid too.

    A buddy of mine convinced me to pick it up, and we spent many hours drinking beer and playing it. Good times.

    I wasn't crazy about the Deadliest Warrior expansion, but I got a lot of fun out of the base game. I haven't played in a while because it eventually got to the point where it wasn't fun anymore because some game breaking exploits (particularly that backwards windmill dodge bullshit thing) weren't getting fixed. Still, I got enough time and lulz out of it for it to be one of my favorites from the past decade. Nowhere near my "top" game of the decade, but it goes on my list.
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    Dark Souls 1

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    No contest. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

    (and as always, every Iteration of WoW, except Classic)
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    Witcher 3

    Dark souls 3


    Path of Exile


    Deus ex Human Revolution

    Witcher 2

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    1.) The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - masterpiece of story telling, world building, open world (quest) design, etc., especially with the 2 brilliant addons.
    2.) Minecraft - I know it was 09 released, but it still stayed relevant for me throught the last decade, a feat not many games can claim.
    3.) Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn & seq - The only MMO to date where I truely felt like part of the story and world, the latest expansion Shadowbringers just cemented that.
    4.) The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - even if it was the beginning of the end for Bethesda, there were hundrets of hours of fun in that game.
    5.) Deus Ex: Human Revolution - grandiose revival of a franchise, sadly squandered with Mankind Divided.
    6.) Dragon Age: Inquisition - love it or hate it, I loved most of the characters and their story lines. The only major game in the last decade that allowed me to drop the proverbial mic at the end.
    7.) Mass Effect 3 - I know the very end was a sham, but everything up to that point was stellar. Unifying the galaxy and conluding a 3 game story arc for the main character, my Sheperd did all he could.
    8.) The Witcher 2 - a great step up from the Witcher 1, it still had it's flaws but it told a great story, connect nicely with Geralts past and kept the momentum going to enable the third and last part.
    9.) Dishoniored I & II - I loved these games, from the creative alternatives to solve missions to the magic dark side powers, the story the characters and what have you. These two games came outof nowhere and I thoroughly enjoyed them.
    10.) Divinity Original Sin I & II - lovely games for people thirsting for more RPGs, some neccessary updates to the formula while still keeping many of the desired old parts alive.

    Everything after the 2nd place could very well shift up and down depending on my moot. Also some..

    ..Honorable mentions:
    Pillars of Eternity - another lovely series of games for people that wanted to get that CRPG feel again. One of the few larger Kickstarter success stories out there.
    Tyranny - a very interesting approach to CRPGs, but just lacked something to make the cut.
    God of War (2016) - another great revival of a franchise and not just that but a fitting maturation of the material in almost every aspect, be it gameplay or story. If it had made it's way to other platforms I would have had to seriously make some difficult descisions in my top 10.
    Metal Gear Solid V - a glorious convoluted mess, but it game me alot of entertainmentvia the gameplay systems. I also enjoyed that quiet lapdance.
    WoW - I can't deny that I had some fun with the game over the last decade, but there is also unfathomable disapointment and boredom to be had. It also purely hangs on by a thread via my social connections these days. Blizzard, much like Bethesda, is sadly too far gone I fear.

    I'm probably missing some, a decade is a long time after all, but these were the ones I could remember from the top of my head.
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    1- The Witcher 3
    2- Fallout New Vegas
    3- Metal Gear Solid 5
    4- Mass Effect 2
    5- Dark Souls
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    God of War (PS4) got me back into console gaming. It was a system seller for me and an awesome experience. It's the first game in awhile I binged. I just couldn't stop playing it. My previous console was a Wii before getting a PS4 Pro.

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    That's a real tough decision, so I'll go with my top 5. For an all round fantastic experience with my top 3 criteria - gameplay (how fun it is to be in combat), story and music (how fitting each piece is to the relevant section of the game).

    1) Borderlands 2 (simple gameplay, but addictive. Hilarious dialogue, great background music to make most of the journey super memorable.) 300+ hours sunk in.

    2) Tales of Vesperia (one of the best all round packages in a game. I did not expect to love the game as much as I ended up doing so. stellar JRPG that was unmatched for me for the remainder of the decade). 200+ hours sunk in.

    3) Persona 5 (coming in late in the decade as a JRPG that was FINALLY another great all round package). 100+ hours.

    4) The Witcher 3. ~200 hours. Lacking abit in the gameplay department but overall still a fantastic gaming experience.

    5) Resonance of Fate. Barebones story but gameplay and music were sooo on point. Ultimate sleeper hit of the decade for me, did not expect it to go into 100+ hours.

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    Wichter 2, 3 + addons: almost perfect game, only problem here is that it only had 2 addons
    TeS Skyrim: great game, great story and world, and mods keep it relevant
    Mass effect 2, 3 and Andromeda:. 2 and 3 speak for themselves (3 with additional endings). Adromeda was great, but bogged down by stupidity from the studio and higher ups, there was a lot of wasted potential but the MP is great, too bad it was dropped for Anthem (which is also dying lol)
    Bioshock 2 and infinite: a very good but often overlooked series, wish I could add bioshock 1, one of the best games of the 2000's
    Borderlands 2 and pre-sequel + all addons: great game, lots of content and high replayability. Haven't played 3 as I'm waiting for the steam release (I hate having to use all kinds of launchers, next to the fact that the epic store is atrocious at best).
    WoW MoP, Cata: MoP and Cata where both very good expansions for me. I liked the harder dungeons at the start of Cata, only problem was the last raid of the expansion, MoP was great in just about every aspect, I'd say it was the last good expansion, as WoD made a mess of the lore that blizz can't get out of, in fact they're only digger a deeper hole.

    Honorable mentions:
    Deus ex human revolutions (+mankind divided): Great games, unfortunately, these games a somewhat short.
    darksiders 1, 2 and 3: Fun games, one and 3 where really good. 2 was really buggy on PC which made it really hard to appreciate properly.
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    I didnt play much other games than WoW and FIFA but i would not take both of them in decade. Probably that would be GTAV, Skyrim, Witcher and Overcooked.

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    Witcher 3 or Mass Effect 2. Other candidates would be ME3, Deus Ex: HR/MD and WoW: MoP.
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