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    Most fun I had was an affliction lock during Cata. Last great all up rotation and shadow bolts and no resource management.

    Least, warrior tanking leveling during MOP. Abandoned it at 70 in brutal gear.
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    Feral druid worst in WOTLK cause it was the most complex class/build ever in wow. Its level cap was insane.

    Best...kinda now in BFA actually. I like primal wrath and feral is still hard, but not easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littleraven View Post
    I loved my druid in Wrath and then again in MoP. It was least at the start of BfA. It was a fucking travesty what they did to feral until they started patching it.
    hey dude, I just saw your comment...yea feral early BFA was very....yikes. But primal wrath and updates helped.
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    Mega bursty boi Arcane in Legion
    Haste stack Windwalker in MOP

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    Most fun: MoP, SoO especially, SV spec
    Least fun: BfA, dishonorable mention to Legion although it was better.
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    Monk was fun especially with chi burst until legion

    MoP 9/10
    WoD 10/10
    Legion 6/10
    BFA 6/10

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    For me,

    BC/Wrath - Holy Paladin. I loved the play style and being able to solo heal (some) raid fights was awesome.
    Cata - Prot Paladin. Holy Power killed healing for me. But the I felt like to was a good addition for tanking.
    MoP - I loved both healing and tanking on monk, at the time, the specs felt really fun to play and unique in their on ways.
    WoD - Prot warrior. Gladiator Stance, do I have to say anymore than that?
    Legion - Resto/Guardian Druid. I had a lot of fun with both specs in Legion.
    BfA.... I'll have to get back to you on that.

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    The main thing this thread tells me is that MoP had some good ass class design.

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    BfA for sure.

    I've played a Rogue since launch and have been through the loop and adjusted/adapted, but after losing Burst of Speed prior to Legion and then having all the QOL and AMAZING abilities via Artifacts and suddenly having them gone was a huge buzzkill right off the bat. I felt lithe and quick and deadly, as a Rogue should, and while over time it feels they play quicker than at BfA launch, there's still a gaping hole that exists and I'm not sure what I'd fill it with (in before the D).

    Likewise for any of my alts. Paladin and Hunter especially.

    As much as the AP grind in Legion was a bit much, so has the grind for an item that (and I love lore) lore-wise, was used against us. Grind, grind, disappointing reveal, grind some more.

    I really loved how every class I played felt in Legion.

    Maybe a bit to powerful towards the end, but it felt like I was moving forward and progressing as a "hero."

    The Heart is just an asinine grind for traits that aren't really appealing and armor that is too specific even though it was meant to provide "more choice" in our playstyle. None of the options imo provide a noticeable change in how classes play/feel, at least for the classes I play.

    Tldr; BfA took "feeling amazing" and threw it under the bus, replaced by generic and sometimes overtly confusing armor and necklace options that if anything are more frustrating than Artifact Weapons because you're A) limited to like 7 essences via the necklace and B) limited to RNG via armor choices.

    Also, as much as I understand the step away from tier sets, having them removed in place of "armor type" appearances was a horrible idea. I may have disliked having to replace tier set items or fudge around to make a perfect setup, but it was at least *some* type of reason to keep farming raids.

    I haven't raided normal or heroic in BfA once, because aside from specific weapons, I feel literally no need. Tier sets were a huge part of raiding, aside from the experience itself. It was the only place you could get these items (excluding the weekly quests).

    Farming shit for *maybe* a better roll on armor is much less appealing.

    I loved the story, atmosphere and environments of BfA. That's about it. Warfronts were poorly executed and Islands were redundant until recently and even still I feel no need to do them.

    Class-wise, I hate BfA.

    That said, Kul Tiran and Zandalari Druids are amazing looking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azerate View Post

    Warrior - just bloodthirst and whirlwind, and some slams from time to time, top dps.

    Good old times.

    PS. Worst had to be cata - they overloaded the warrior with so much stuff I literally couldn't play it properly.
    I miss the stun lockdowns warriors had back then though (((((((((((((( Concussion Blow, Throwdown, Shockwave <3 so great

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woobels View Post
    The main thing this thread tells me is that MoP had some good ass class design.
    MoP was the final xpac before the great pruning era began
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    Quote Originally Posted by ymn View Post
    I'm sure this thread pops up every now and then, but, with classes being worked on in Shadowlands, when (during WoW's 15-year lifespan) was your class/spec (or any other class that you enjoyed playing) the most fun?

    And to have a good amount of negativity (just to balance everything out), when was your class/spec the least fun to play?
    Most fun = end of WotLK up until the end of WoD.
    During this time, the Hunter class had ranged SV as a playable spec option. Enough said.

    Least fun = now in BfA. Despite Legion being the expansion where RSV had been removed, it still was more fun to play BM then than it is now.

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    1st - Mist of pandaria

    2nd - Shamans (Beeing playing Shaman since 2008 as a main)

    Because : as shamans we could cast [lighitng bolt] WHILE MOVING
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    As arms - probably MoP. I've mained fury since about 2005, with the exception of MoP. Arms was a lot of fun that expansion, until the pre-launch patch for WoD came along and shit on a lot of things that made the game fun.

    As fury - Wrath, near the end. I had Shadowmourne/Cryptmaker and nearly all BiS gear. I think Wrath was the best geared my character has ever been. With armor penetration and that kind of, just thinking about it. I could absolutely wreck shit when I blew cooldowns.

    In all the time I've mained warrior, I haven't played prot enough to comment on it. Since BC, there's been maybe a small handful of "I must tank, or we don't raid" moments because the real tanks didn't show up, so I sucked it up and threw on a shield. But those have been extremely rare. My guildies know I don't enjoy tanking and wouldn't ask me to do it outside of desperate situations. I also dicked around some with gladiator in WoD but didn't really care for it and didn't find it as awesome as a lot of others seem to have.
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    Rogue was fun all the way from vanilla to cata. The rest (MoP/WoD) I didn't play and in legion I couldn't stand rogue and I rerolled. My rogue is untouched. I can't seem to enjoy it anymore.

    Although pretty much cata has received bad reviews it was really balanced on all classes. It was fun to play with it even in PvP.

    If cata had something good for me was classes. The content in a PvE matter wasn't much appealing but the rest was amazing. Imo.
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