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    Quote Originally Posted by Granyala View Post
    You know... you could always ... not use the OP combos if you want to challenge yourself.
    I don't even know what Ikky looks like and facerolled the pet battle world quests in Nazjatar. Never used black claw either, lol.
    That's just a stupid statement.

    Yes yes. Everyone has that ability in every element of life to create additional challenge for themselves. I could not use those abilities. Lebron could play with one hand. Method could raid with less than 20 raiders on progression. Ninja could play shooters one handed And so on.

    Nobody ( or very few people ) like to create a false challenge for themselves that does not exist for others in the same community or play group, simply to play at a disadvantage. I'm also not even sure the point of your comment. Just being a troll I guess? Those abilities are OP. Players know it and Blizz obviously knows it too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calathiel- View Post
    SERIOUSLY, This!

    Aside from the fact that it is BEYOND my comprehension as to why Pet Battles are still not available for mobile. I mean they have an app, and app they completely redesigned for BfA and nothing. NO ONE does or cares about mission tables this expansion, the mobile app is collecting dust when it could house mobile pet battles.

    I don't think they can claim people doing pet battle stuff on their phones will count towards MAUs, so they'll require you to log into the game, most likely. That's the only reason why I can see them not breaking at least part of the pet battle system off onto mobile. Everything is to drive MAUs now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyphe View Post
    Those abilities are OP. Players know it and Blizz obviously knows it too.
    Yeah but what's wrong with that? It's just pet battles. In THEORY pet battles shouldn't bring any advantage to pve or pvp. It should just be something for vanity.

    I don't know, I sit and wonder, who are these people who play an MMO side-game for a challenge... what kind of people are in search of absolute pet balance for their 1.5k pets...
    So what if some combo is OP? Most people will just load up the Xu-fu pet site and try what pet combo is written there and rated the highest.

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