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    Yeah, I don't get why they went frost bolt for all instead of just bringing Frostfire Bolt back for everyone.

    The wards should have been one time use reflects instead of just bringing back what they were. Arcane Explosion is the only good thing coming for all of us, and even then it's just for pvp and breaking stealth. Mages just need a bunch of utility brought back to the class that isn't there anymore. I'm not talking "necessary for raiding" utility, more "I'm a mage so I can do this." Like when mana mattered and we could make gems for ourselves and had evocation type of utility. Or when fire had Blast Wave and it knocked back. Or when Fire Blast stunned on occasion. Everyone could have shatter and Deep Freeze. Mages have lost so much utility along the way they just feel so hollow and shallow now.
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    I'll give you most of that, but Impact stuns should never come back. That was literal cancer along with Mace Spec Warriors.
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