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    As for OP? Eh, the last line was more likely than anything else.

    $20 says Tyrande's experience in Ardenweald makes her heelturn on hating the Horde faster than Jaina did in Thros, and if it doesn't I'll start her raid boss countdown timer.

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    I hope she burns down Ogrimmar and massacre Horde civilians like what they did to us. Alliance need a mean character for once

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moonrage View Post
    Literally only memorable cause of her outfit.
    To be fair, she was also probably the most complicated dungeon boss in Vanilla considering she had two phases (one of which was quite difficult at-level with the resurrection) and an ability you need to interrupt. Certainly before BRD.

    And if you were Horde, the narrative/emotional payoff for killing spiritual and religious the leader of the Scarlet Crusade was pretty good, considering they'd been hyped up as a dangerous problem since level one for undead: they were everywhere, difficult to kill, and ran away at low HP, often aggroing two or three more.

    Pants or no pants, I will never forget my first run through of Scarlet Monastery. Even if I haven't been Horde since 2009.
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