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    Horde <Arise> WED / THU 9:30PM – 12:30AM PST

    <Arise> | Horde - Semi-Hardcore - 4/12 Mythic

    <Arise> formed on Tichondrius midway through BoD. The core of our guild was formed through longtime friendships.

    We are an extremely close group of people and are always willing to help out with whatever our members need to be successful in our community. We regularly spam Mythic+ outside of raid times for bonding and gearing fellow guild members.

    We intend to clear Mythic raiding content at a steady pace, while maintaining the positive environment of the guild, with the eventual goal of Cutting Edge every tier.

    Raid Schedule

    Wednesday & Thursday, 9:30 PM to 12:30 AM PST

    Current Recruiting Needs

    • Melee DPS: Warrior, Rogue
    • Ranged DPS: Warlock, Mage, Hunter, Shaman (Elemental), Druid (Balance), Priest (Shadow)
    • Those willing to raid as a hybrid are a plus!

    Ideal Applicants

    • Research fights well in advance and show up fully enchanted with all the required consumables.
    • Maintain stellar attendance.
    • Are active theorycrafters who know their class inside and out.
    • Regularly review their performance data, and are committed to self-improvement.
    • Possess a sense of humor.

    How to Apply

    Join our Discord for more information: [Redacted]

    Or message our Recruiting lead:
    • Battle Tag: [Redacted], Discord: [Redacted]
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    Still looking for some DPS...openings available for both melee and ranged.

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    Still need some ranged DPS. Message me on discord [Redacted]
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    Our melee section of the roster is a bit full, we will be prioritizing ranged DPS for the time being.

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    Now recruiting a healer (Disc Priest or Holy Paladin)!

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    The impending tier is a great opportunity for you to try our organization out. Message me if you are interested: Battle Tag: Dzt#11117, Discord: [Redacted]
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    Limited spots available for melee. Open recruiting for ranged DPS.

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    Still have some availability for ranged DPS.

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    Patch day looms. Spots available for Ranged DPS and a healer.

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    Still have some limited availability for Ranged DPS.

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    Still currently looking for ranged DPS.

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    New tier, new opportunities! Now recruiting select melee DPS, with open recruiting for ranged DPS.

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    Ranged DPS, especially Hunters and Warlocks: check us out!

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    High priority for Warlock and Mage. Hit me up if you want to raid late night!

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    We have AOTC, and a 3% pull on Wrathion. If you are looking to get into mythic raiding (and play a class we are recruiting), now's your chance!

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    P3 Shad'har, would love a few more ranged on the roster.

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    We are 4/12M and are working on Hivemind. Come get your cleave on!

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