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    Horde 2 Raiders LF Guild

    Date Posted: 11/16/2019
    Faction: Horde
    Classes: 2 Player Pair - Priest and Druid
    ilvl: 447 holy/440 shadow, 446 resto druid (Priest also has an affliction lock, resto shaman, resto druid, and brewmaster monk all above 430)
    Neck: priest is 69, druid is 70
    Progression: 8/8H 4/8M EP
    (Wouldn't let me post links so just hit me on my btag for information)

    (Wouldn't let me post links so just hit me on my btag for information)

    Warcraft Logs:
    (Wouldn't let me post links so just hit me on my btag for information)

    Availability: T/Th (Wednesday is also a slight possibility as well)

    Looking to at least be clearing heroic and some mythic along with keys and current content in 8.3 and next expansion. We're seeking an active gaming guild/community that is consistently doing keys, PVP, raiding, etc. (even playing other games together during down times is fine, but at LEAST being on discord together as a group). We are both workplace professionals and must be at work very early so raiding past 11:30 pm EST is going to be undoable for us (my apologies). Btag: Elko#11161 or Spazcat#1186

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    Hey guys,

    Sounds like we may be a great fit for you over in <Esper>, where we offer solid mythic progression and M+ with just a ONE NIGHT A WEEK commitment for busy professionals. Spam below. I'll also add you both on bnet. Looking forward to connecting!

    Main Raid: Wednesday 8:30PM-11:30PM EST

    Optional Off Night/Overflow: Tuesday 8:30PM-11:30PM EST

    Progression: 4/8M EP (Orgozoa at 4%!) | Core playerbase is 1400-2000 io in M+, with some outliers even higher

    Server: US-Thrall High Pop PVE

    Faction: Horde

    About Us: We're mostly adult professionals who value high-end raiding on an extremely limited raiding schedule. We’ve been there, done that on the hardcore scene (most recently, 33 Mythic bosses down in Legion) and now we’re more interested in balancing gaming and – you know, life. Many of us have played together for years in different raiding circles.

    Recruiting Needs:
    - Shadow Priest, Moonkin
    - All excellent players considered

    Bnet: Palewind#1990
    Discord: Palewind#9372
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    The "Nutty Squirrel Gang" is recruiting all players. Looking to get a full guild raid group. We raid Thur/Sun 8pm to 10pm server time. 7pm to 9pm CST. Horde. Kargath/Norgannon And we hang out on discord.

    Kritickill#1511 is my battletag.

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