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    Question Recommended leveling spec?

    What’s the recommended leveling spec? Demo? I’m trying affliction with voidwalker.

    Destro with voidwalker?

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    Affli with voidwalker, you just dot everything up and go.

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    There's no clear winner in my opinion. It's more about what spec appeals to you and matches the way you like to level/play.

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    There is no winner here anymore. The days of a leveling spec are largely behind us.
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    Affliction always.

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    basically whatever you want, if you have heirlooms none of it matters until btw questing anyhow. but for locks especially anything with voidwalker is fine, until demo gets the felguard. I'm biased towards demo, because you can just drown them in hordes of demons, but affl dots will cut them down before they even get to you. destroy has chaos bolt to basically one shot, so long as you have shards
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    You can level well in all three specs, so it's a matter of what you enjoy. Try them all every, oh, 20-30 levels, and go with what makes you cackle in fiendish glee.

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    all specs in retail WoW are good and quick for leveling, some slightly better at single target or multi-target mobbing ... personally i think Demonology is the best "all around" spec for leveling

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    All great really. Pets make everything a breeze. Aff is the most mobile but lacks good burst aoe, the rest have less instants but more bursty. Pick what suits your style. Switch around even.

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    They are all good, personally I like affliction for leveling and open world stuff because they mobile, are really good at taking down higher health mobs which can be annoying, and they have really good healing with drain life and siphon life.

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    Doubt there's any? Go with whatever makes you happy mate

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    I like Affli cause DoTed mobs will come to you for loot, instead of you having to run to the corpse.
    You just look for a point where you have all the mobs at reach, and DoT everything on sight (just set the void in defensive, so he doesnt chase them)... All mobs will die at your feet.

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    Demo, get that Fellguard out - swinging that axe

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    All three are viable, but it really depends on what you're doing. Affliction is worse in dungeons because things die too fast, but can do silly things outdoors where you just DoT the entire world. Demo is very tanky thanks to the uber pet, and has good damage in most situations. Destro has great burst, and can leverage its cleave for both good dungeon damage and great questing efficiency.

    Warlocks are great.

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    Destro for me, crazy fun.

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