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    Looks like it would be great fun to play, but unfortunately VR still seems terrrrible for streaming and youtube. God damn that motion sickness and jumpiness every quarter second from subtle head movements is impossible to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vitor210 View Post
    So it's essentially like Skyrim VR in terms of move options. Good! I personally prefer the continuous movement for the added immersion but that gives me motion sickness so I will definetly have to play with the blink on
    the blink is quicker too.
    the slowly moving is way slow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbr View Post
    the blink is quicker too.
    the slowly moving is way slow.
    yeah for sure. Havent had much time to play it due to work but I tried it for a few minutes 2 days ago when it launched, the blink doesn't break immersion that much, although it's a bit annoying when you're teleported right in front of a door and you instintively cover your face as if you're about to get his by the door

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    Quote Originally Posted by nocturnus View Post
    Unplayable, to me.

    There's nothing dishonest about that opinion; I'm genuinely not able to enjoy it.
    you totally can't enjoy wow then =(
    Shadowlands is real world
    The Maw is China
    The Jailer is China government
    Sylvanas is Blizz

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    Feels like a massive waste of resources to me... vr is very gimmicky to begin with regardless of the fact I get motion sick easily. Maybe they will release a non vr version at some point and if not, so be it. Hard pass.

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    Awesome game.
    Maybe it's not a proper prequel/sequel I've been waiting for 15 years but Valve definately knows how to make a good stuff.
    Best VR game up to date IMO and I hope there will be more games created on Source 2 in the future - visual fidelity, physics and optimization are top notch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iosdeveloper View Post
    you totally can't enjoy wow then =(
    I don't play wow, but regardless, I don't think your comparison is even remotely valid.
    "Just flow with the go..." - Rickson Gracie

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    I havent played it but have watched some friends. Its extremely entertaining and I was surprised how much visual fidelity there was despite it being a VR title. Some of those corridors look pretty photo-real at a quick glance.

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    modders are working on a VR-free version already

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