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    *reads the note and drops it on the ground*

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    I'm a main tank too, lvl 60 full epics warrior. I only like doing dungeons for my guild because when I pug, people just do whatever the fuck they want, and tanking ends up being stressful.

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    I love me a good tank but there are a lot of shitty tanks out there that move way too slow and act all high and mighty. Theres limited tanks because you have to be the leader and most dont want to. But a tank that takes 2 mins in between pulls, cant keep aggro on anything, letsvthe healer get beat on, just as bad as aoe happy dps who stand in fire

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    Any warrior can tank a dungeon, if these people who insist on being "warrior dps" would just equip a shield and make the sacrifice for a few runs there woud be no issue anymore. Of course a dps warrior (especially a badly geared one) requires a stronger group overall, but it's abolsutely doable and would make a lot more dungeon runs possible.

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    Bro, in my raids casters start pre casting every single pull before the tank even got a hit. Stop being bad. Threat in this game is a mechanic for bad players.

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    My own experience is this: Grab elites, tell dps to burn down non elites. If the pack has elite casters, you let the dps take care of them and you focus the melee ones. You also make sure to tank the boss. If dps grabs aggro and dies it's their own fault, and most dps know this. I haven't had any issues but I was annoyed when I started, now it's just a matter of me grabbing as many as I can and keep growl on cd
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    Go fury/prot and dual wield tank = No threat issue at all.

    Deep prot is so 2004.

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    As someone who levelled several tanks on pirate servers (and while there may be a handful of "played vanilla for 15 years" types there were plenty of "haven't played vanilla-style in 10+ yrs types too) I sympathise initially with what you are saying, but then I quickly found that the "fun" of playing a tank was adjusting to your group.

    If there was a 'digbick' DPS opening up on a mob immediately, I'd secure threat solidly on the other targets and taunt that mob back just before it killed them (usually though tbh most mobs are dead before they need tanking if they are the only mob loose); keybind the raid markings (for what it was worth lol) in case one of them was into CC, and yeah, basically being what healers were to the group for years, the guy who fixes everyone elses 'mistakes' (and I use that term losely because it's not that accurate but could be argued to apply).

    So I dunno, I'm not arguing with your post at all, but as a different approach, view all these 'extra tasks' as the difficulty as I'm sure having 2 tanks at 60 you're already pretty much familiar with every pull in every dungeon by now. Before it all gets dull, treat the group as the difficulty :P
    Quote Originally Posted by AeneasBK View Post
    Damnit hubcap, you are such a retard.
    Seriously guys, this forum would be a better place if everyone just stopped acknowledging Zenkai. It's just demeaning to everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    Oh grow up. Some people, like me, moved from retail to classic. Some came back. Some are new. It DOESNT FUCKING MATTER and the whining about retail vs classic is tiresome.
    I mean so is calling people wrath babies. How about everyone just try not insulting others with 0 evidence to back up anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainBoi View Post
    Go fury/prot and dual wield tank = No threat issue at all.

    Deep prot is so 2004.
    So much this. If you have very bad gear dual-wielding might make you take too much damage, but other than that it's very viable and effective.

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    Dear Tanks. In order to not go insane, I advice the following:

    Put a skull and an x on a caster or something squishy.
    Start tanking the 2-3 melee adds that can actually hurt damage dealers. Keep switching your target between them so that all of them stay with you. Completely ingore skull and keep X away from the healer. Don't waste a lot of energy on trying to keep X from some dd.

    If both X and skull are dead, start marking your melee adds.

    Vanilla tanking is not a perfectionst sport, its more like that first aid "triage" quest. You don't need to tank everything. Most adds will die, long before they could ever become a problem for a damage dealer. It's your job to keep the healer save and keep the hard hitting melee adds from people who can't survive them. Use your rage and taunts on those. Don't spend a ton of ressoruces on trying to catch a guy who will be dead before he hurts anyone.
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    you would think ppl would learn after a while of seeing tank droughts in wow ff14 overwatch and various other games...

    p.s on my tanks in wow classic, i leveled engineering and throw dynamite at the start of every other pull.

    WTS Skullflame shield 1k gold

    LFM Tank (for 30 minutes).

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    As a tank in Classic, having the ClassicThreatMeter and turning on the color changing name plates makes tanking a lot easier. If the health bar is red, I have threat, if it turns yellow I am losing threat, if it is green then I need to taunt or burst on the target to get threat.

    Also, you don't really need a tank for 90% of the dungeon mobs or bosses. I used to be a priest healer in Vanilla and would routinely tell my warlock friend to just tank since the warrior would throw on a shield and call himself a tank.

    With that said though, threat management is a DPS job just as much as threat retention is the tanks job. If the DPS doesn't want to tank, they need to give a few seconds for the tank to establish threat. Other than a chain of huge crits or spamming a high threat spell (shout out to idiot mages spamming Arcane Explosion), then it's the tanks job to stay ahead on the threat. If someone doesn't have a threat meter, I tell them to go download either Details! or ClassicThreatMeter. Details! has the benefit of also being a damage meter, so it'd probably be a better go to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robozerim View Post
    Ha! Warlocks say hi. I would love to have an aggro dump.
    Same request for Fury Warriors please

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flarelaine View Post
    Except this can easily fuck up the raid if the boss has a cleave, or similar area attack.
    Well OK, you lifetap until fizzled and then hellfire to die..Aggro dumped ...HAPPY?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Ashgaan View Post
    We used to call people that SS themselves as warlocks noobs.

    To all the locks reading this, in a dungeon, you ALWAYS put soulstone on the party member that can resurrect (NOT DRUIDS) - usually is the healer. In a good comp you can get away with soulstoning the tank.
    Let them shamans use ankhs for a change.. also this is of course works when you have two warlocks...believe me this is a legit aggro dump people used in vanilla.

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    as a tank, this is so annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djaye View Post
    -no one seems to know that every class has an aggro dump. i would speculate less then 10% of dps actually use them.
    The rest of your post is fine, but this part is not.
    There are a grand total of two (2) classes with aggro dump : Rogue (on a 5 mn CD) and Hunter (on a 30s CD). That's it.
    (priests also have a TEMPORARY threat reset with Fade, but that's not a dump due to, well, the temporary part)

    So no, "most" classes don't have anything to deal with aggro, they just need to manage their threat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djaye View Post
    ...just be mindful and play the way the designers intended 15 years ago and not how they intend for retail to be played today.
    This really sums up a lot of things in Classic.

    Retail is about your ego wrapped up in the meters. Classic is about enjoying a game and succeeding as a team. That is a big change of attitude jumping from Retail to Classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by erifwodahs View Post
    Idk mate, people I play with are doing just fine on skittish weeks.
    Retail is filled with AoE for tanks which allow to build threat on a whole group at once.
    Also, even with skittish it's easier to keep aggro than on Classic (though losing aggro tends to have bigger consequences on non-boss, as trash in M+ tend to hit much harder comparatively than the Classic elites in 5-man).

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    There are plenty of threat gadgets if you are not using them don't complain. New meta is aoe down.

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