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    Returning player looking for advice.

    First of all not sure if this is in the right place but here we go.

    First of some background 32 old been playing WoW on and off since wrath. Both casual and mythic progress raider as a holy paladin for more less all the time up till bfa. Also to note im a pve player and very rarely ever pvp.

    After returning now at the end of bfa 8.2.5 noticing the new meta of glimmering paladin being a lot more active and fast then i'm use to i figured i may as well go ret or melee in general so i did some fury warrior. And one thing was may very VERY clear. I suck at it.

    Here is the issue im having i cant keep up with the rotation l moving ccing and interrupting in m+ my few tries at i have been horrible. So i need some help or advice so did some looking around and there is a lot of info on both icyveins and other sites but they are all about the more mechanical aspect of classes. And thats not really what i need help on i'm looking for guides on how to adjust your playstyle more then anything really.

    So i'm asking here if you guys could maybe point me the correct direction for this if u seen or read any post or vids of how to go about this. My few searches have given few awnsers and those i find are 9 to 5 years old and unsure how accurate they are for todays meta.

    Or it could be that i'm just getting to old. Any helpful insight or tips also appreciated and thank for taking the time to read all this.

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    be honest: how much time did you spend on getting better at it? some rotations just take a while to learn, dont give up too fast and keep practicing on dummies, read up on guides and join the skyhold discord channel

    32 years old doesnt seem old at all to be and you should be fine with keeping up

    you are acting like you are 70 or something
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    Sure felt like i was 70 gave the dummy 2 or 3h (yes i know it takes like 2 weeks to build muscle memorie) and join a heroic raid with thw guild and that did go that badly at all. But it was in the fast environment of m+ the problem showed. Mid key motherload 13 or 14. It all felt wrong on a fundamental level

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    HI, unfortunately I find it just takes time and practise to get back into the swing of things, I struggled when I switch to my Melee alts, the only one I liked was the Demon Hunter, it flowed nicely and no gaps waiting for resources or cooldowns (also incredible at trash packs). Maybe switch to a ranged class, try different options and am sure you will fall into a character that suits you.

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    I am a year older than you and i don't even feel like the game is even THAT different. I've been off since the end of Wrath and returned in 8.2 a few month ago. I believe the core of the game is still the same.

    It's a combination of a few things really but mainly its just practice on all fronts.

    Memory is key. As soon as you know the Dungeons in M+ / Raids and whats to happen next you then know how to not die to mechanics, then you can concentrate more on your rotation.

    The guides out there are mostly right but you might wanna sacrifice harder rotations and talents for a more smoother rotation, whilst it's a loss of DPS mathematically it isn't really if you aren't doing the rotation right.

    For instance, in single target i was struggling with the Icefury Ele Shaman build at first (best single target DPS build). I swapped the talent out for Primal Elementalist which makes the rotation more stream lined and easier. My DPS increased because the rotation was easier, after i got the hang of that i went back to Icefury and my DPS went up even more. I'm 1 of the highest DPS in my guild.

    I returned in Aug and i've cleared Eternal Palace HC and 5/8M

    I genuinely think M+ higher key dungeons are harder than raids. They are fast paced, affixes mean a lot is going on and if you mess up you die, regardless of heals. It's punishing on healers.

    Just do all the dungeons LOADS below +10 and get to know them, what the packs are like, what packs are a struggle etc. If they aren't dealt with right they can be harder than the actual bosses. Don't focus on your rotation and the damage meters for now, it doesn't really matter below +10 because as soon as you know the dungeons and whats going to happen you don't have to think about that anymore, then you can focus completely on your rotation.

    Obviously you have different builds for M+ and Raids.

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    If you feel like your main has changed too much to be good at it anymore there's always the trial character feature to fiddle with some other prospective classes. When outlaw was gutted in BFA I found myself really digging WW monk, for example. It's all about finding what you want to get out of a class. I like fast paced, high mobility classes, so rogue, monk, and Demon Hunter were right up my alley.
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    Sounds to me that you just need to practice some more. I've used ice veins for all my classes and their guides are pretty spot on. If you're still struggling with the rotation, then chances are you just need to practice it some more. It's like learning a song on an instrument. It takes time to learn the new song and the only way to become proficient is to do it over and over until it becomes fluent.
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    Shit, if I was 70, I'd have more time for WoW than now because I'd be retired. You try to work a 40 hour job, sometimes with overtime, then balance a personal life, family time, and then recreational activities like anything not involving sitting at the computer, which for Chicago is non-existent 9 months out of the year unless it's swimming.

    I just play for fun whenever I can squeeze play time in. I probably spend more time on the forums since there's so much down time at work, but it's not like I can play WoW at work. The classes are all pretty approachable thanks to pruning. Frost mage is dead easy, it's mostly all self-explanatory, as long as you're not a clicker, it's hard to suck. I don't raid anymore though, raiding is like a second job. I just level alts, pet battle, and dungeon/timewalking/LFR and a merry good time is had. If WoW is still around when I'm 70, I'm going to be the most bad ass geezer in my realm.
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