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    Just FYI - At this point, nothing is stopping an off-world demon armada from returning to Argus, find it destroyed, then head to seat of the pantheon to release Sargeras. Ilidan probably starved to death or hanged himself from boredom by now and chilling on the throne in his eternal demon soul form..
    I mean, the Pantheon. I'd like to think they can handle a disorganized rabble of demons.

    Oh and they have the world's strongest demon hunter chilling there too.

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    The whole thing was retarded because they decided to turn the army of light which is supposed to be comprised of thousands of survivors from different planets that were invaded into a single ship filled will lightforged and one dreadlord.
    They never disconfirmed that, so that simply being their flagship and the other Lightforged are fighting the good fight mopping up the Legion remnants, or all died at some point. They are in that Shrodinger's canon where Blizz likes to leave a lot of plot points they might pick up later.
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    So this is how far the Lore forum has fallen? Eesh.
    I take it back, BfA is not the lowest the games lore could have gone, this thread proves that.
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    And just like the thread before it, let's back away from sexualizing Azshara and return to the original topic at hand.

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    To my knowledge they are not really beaten. What we did was remove their lieutenants and leadership, so now all their numbers come to nothing without organization.

    I suppose same thing can be said about the Scourge, post Arthas that is. We removed the head, and assigned Bolvar to keep the mindless in check. Now when Shadowlands launches with helm broken, we are about to feel the consequences of not culling what remained of the Scourge earlier.

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    It's basically like in the movies: the good guys overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to defeat the bad guys and claim victory. Plot armour is real and Azeroth's heroes are bathing in it!

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    I think the weirdest part is that the draenei mostly did it on their own. The only help they got from Azeroth was a handful of elves and Khadgar. And the PC, which if you're playing a draenei is, well, a draenei.

    This means that if Velen had made a stand on Argus before the Legion had settled in and gotten control of Argus that they could have won. Since the Legion would be significantly weaker and the draenei much stronger at that point in time. Which kind of invalidates like all of the Legion's lore.

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    Yes we did. He is now imprisoned by Illidan and Pantheon. Archi and KJ are dead. BL is leaderless. We also destroyed their never ending supply of demons in Antorus. Did you play the end of Legion?
    I could of sworn that Argus only Hastened the Demons Revival not that he was the soul source of it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hablion View Post
    I could of sworn that Argus only Hastened the Demons Revival not that he was the soul source of it
    You are correct. Demonic resurrection and/or reincarnation in the Nether is a natural trait all demons have - though it is slow, and prior to Argus seemed to take many years (decades and perhaps centuries depending on their power) for it to completely restore a slain demon. Using Argus' Titanic essence sped the process considerably, allowing slain demons to be restored in days instead of years, and extending the range of this resurrection power such that even death in the Nether might not have been permanent. This extension and/or amplification of power could also be withheld by the Legion or by Sargeras, if said demon had failed the Legion repeatedly or betrayed their own kind.
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    We didn't.

    The Legion controlled too much territory, meaning there must be thousands of capable leaders spread across the cosmos. Those next in line must have assumed power by now. Their first task would be to destroy Azeroth because it is the largest threat. An unfathomably massive legion army should be currently on its way to Azeroth right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotted View Post
    So out of interest, taking those factors into account. How would you have ended the story?
    By not giving the Legion an endless fleet of literal starships

    It has nothing to do with the end and everything to do with what is established beforehand

    If the Legion wanted Azeroth destroyed, why didn't they just parallel park their Star Destroyers out of our reach and nuke us? They had the tools to do so

    Those tools should never have been established in the first place
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    We didn't, we threw their leadership into disarray and splintered them into god knows how many smaller groups of demons with different motivations now Sargeras isn't a threat to them.

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    Yeah blizzard lost it's edge a long time ago. If the Lich king was a boss these days he'd be a middle tier boss who show up out of no where in an expansion about rainbows.
    KJ Should of been the final boss and Argus should of been it's own expansion, we should of rescued/saved the pantheon PRIOR to the final fight which would explain how we beat the legion empowered by the Pantheon, we could of literally had a patch at a diff world for each tier to rescue them so it wouldn't be 2 years looking at ugly fel and the final patch/tier being on Argus. And Sargeras should of been the final boss, not some random world titan

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